Megabounce xl ball review

A ball and a half – the Wicked Mega Bounce XL

You know when you see something and think, what fun, I fancy one of those.  Well, the Wicked Mega Bounce XL was one of those items.

I’m a sucker for a good outdoor toy, and if it’s a super bouncy ball or something a bit different I want to have a go with it.  We were able to review the Wicked Mega Bounce XL ball, and we’ve had quite a bit of fun with it.

Megabounce xl ball review

The downside of giant balls is that they need to be blown up.  However, an in/out pump and adapter being included made it quick to inflate.  We unboxed it when N’s cousin was round to play and the pair of them were squabbling over whose turn it was to pump it up.  The Mega Bounce ball took less than 5 minutes to inflate even with a 5 and 7 year old in the equation.  The hardest part was keeping it inflated enough while pushing in the stopper.

The one thing that we were quite gutted about was the size.  Now it is an XL size, and it is.  But someone (whistles) read the size as 2.5 metres, rather than the circumference being that size.  So we were a bit disappointed that it was only 95cm diameter.  Think the size of a big space hopper and that’s about right.

playing Mega Bounce XL

That didn’t stop the boys though, it was off out into the garden to have a kick around, throw around and just general play with it.

kicking the mega bounce xl ball

kicking the mega bounce against the wall

They did laugh about whether N would have big enough arms to hold and throw it.  It bounces really well for a large ball, and it won outdoor toy of the year at the London Toy Fair this year.

I half expected the Mega Bounce XL to burst with them playing on the patio and kicking it against the wall, but there was no sign of any issues.  N’s also been sitting on it without it deflating, so it seems to be strong.

The only downside is where to store it.  If the trampoline hadn’t been broken, I’m sure they’d have played with it on there, and it could have been stored there.  We don’t have a shed so it’s been brought back in the house – probably the best thing with the cold weather at the moment.  And the dogs around.

If you’re looking for a ball of fun for the family, it’s worth checking this one out.  You can buy them from Wicked Mania for around £20.

I’m linking up to Country Kids at Coombe Mill.

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Disclosure: We were sent a Mega Bounce XL for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links

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    1. It wasn’t damaged on the time we had it inflated. Having said that it’s no longer played with and mostly just rolling and chucking around indoors so less chance to be damaged.

  1. My older kids would love this, and I imagine it would do less damage than a hard ball if it accidentally hits something (or someone)! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I rather like the look of these, they would be perfect to take to the beach too, I bet they would be great to float on in rock pools and have a good kick-about on the sand. Not bad value either for some great outdoor fun. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. For something that doesn’t look that tough I am surprised it didn’t pop, especially with them playing with it on the patio. Imagine if the measurements had been the ones you thought. Where indoors would you have stored in then?! 🙂 #CountryKids

  4. Hi, just popping over from the SoFab hub to say hello! I love this post, looks like they had so much fun with the ball. I wish my kids were still young enough to get so much enjoyment out of something like that!

    1. Hi Jo. It’s great fun – they’re a bit loopy when they get together, but it’ll be brilliant in summer if it lasts that long.

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