dream pet - stripy 4 legged soft toy creation

Discovering a dream pet with Petplan

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N would love a pet of his own.  He tells me that it’s not the same having his own sheep (10 and all look like they’ll be lambing this February), and cows (2 cows, 1 has just calved).  And that the dogs on the farm aren’t really his.  But he’ll have to wait for a real puppy of his own in a few year’s time.

In the meantime we’ve been lucky enough to work with Petplan on their Dream Pet campaign.  What child doesn’t dream of the type of pet they’d love to own?

Petplan asked N to draw his dream pet.  In N’s case he’d want a puppy, and his dream pet started off as a dog like our Labrador.  All I can say is, N’s artwork level is on a par with mine, so no wonder his dreamt up pet was a little creepy in artistic form.  Everything that N creates when he needs to use his imagination, is grounded in reality.  So there was a picture that looked vaguely like a dog – 4 legs, tail, body and head.  Then it got a little weird.

‘It has to have a face like a boy’.  Er, ok.  Duly drawn complete with hair. He turned down the idea of dog ears. My son is nothing but stubborn when he wants to do his own thing.  Add to that whatever colours he could get hold of quickly and his picture was an odd looking animal.

I’d told N Petplan would be making it into a 3D toy for him which he was excited about. But with Christmas and the making of it, he’d forgotten about it until it arrived.  Coming in a little bag, he was straight into the bag to get his dream pet out.

multicoloured dream pet idea

It was amazing – just the same as his photo.  N even pointed out how exactly the leg shape and positions were, although he did moan about the nose not being right (it was!).  His dream pet has taken its place on his bed amongst his other soft toys.

dream pet - stripy 4 legged soft toy creation

Bringing children’s imagination to life in this way can be the first step to looking after their own pets later down the line.  N is used to looking after animals, but I’m sure he’ll be owning his own pet in a couple of years.  With our pup only just having had an operation for a broken leg, we know how important it is to get pet insurance for the animals we love so much to remove some of the stress when things do go wrong.

Petplan have been around since 1976, and aim to keep the nation’s pets healthy and all owners happy by offer some of the best pet insurance policies as well as good customer service.  Petplan’s pet insurance not only offers ‘Covered for Life’ policies, owners can also buy a 12 month policy.  Petplan also work with rehoming charities, working with more than 1200 charities in the UK and forming the Petplan Charitable Trust raising funds to help towards a better healthier world for all animals.

What pets do you have in your family? What do you think your child’s dream pet would be?


Disclosure: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own’.

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