bee on cloves

Project 366 2016 week 23 – flowers

I’m just a little behind this week.  My laptop’s on go slow and it’s really struggling to do anything at speed.  So I spent the weekend frantically backing up every single photo, document, video, and music download before I will delete all the old stuff off my laptop, defrag and hope that it speeds up again.  Otherwise I’ll be looking for a new laptop which is a decision I always hate making.

Onto week 23 (I think) of Project 366.

On Sunday, we had dinner at my in law’s house.  It’s always a bonus because it means I don’t have to cook, but this time N had a treat because cousin number 2 was round for tea.  His cousin loves children and always has a lot of time for N (as do all the boy cousins, the girl is a bit less bothered – I think she wanted a girl cousin!), and I took this photo of the two of them engrossed in YouTube farming videos.  I think they look a bit alike here, but maybe it’s just the healthy look.  They’re certainly both good looking kids.

cousins watching farming videos

N is always hungry.  It’s hard to tell if he’s on a growth spurt or not, but apart from weekends and breakfast items, we never have much in the house because we eat at work, the farm, school and after school club.  But on Monday N was scavenging around in the fridge and this was what he came up with.  Fruit and protein, strawberry and ham.  An interesting combination, and not one I’ll be trying, but he liked it.

strawberry and ham snack

On Tuesday the OH did come home from work in plenty of time for me to go out dancing. Whoop.  So I headed to Abingdon ceroc and had an enjoyable evening catching up with a few friends and dancing the night away…it was very hot in there even with the doors open and rain breaks.  Oh yes, and not forgetting very tiring driving home late, having only had 3 hours of sleep the night before thanks to N waking up ready for the day at 3am.

dancing at ceroc

On Wednesday after school it was time for a bit of relaxing. N likes to sit in this old chair which was the OH’s gran’s.  It reclines so he’s usually in a strange position, but I did love his really bruised muddy legs showing the old style of play for children, against the modern day tablet viewing.  He was obviously watching something funny with that smile on his face.

relaxing watching youtube

On Thursday I took some photos of my dead tulips.  I think they’re still in the kitchen so I really should throw them out.  I really must try and buy flowers regularly, because they really make the kitchen.

decaying tulips

More flowers, because on Friday we were mooching outside after work and school.  Someone mentioned they’ve not seen many bees in their garden.  I think they must all be round our cloves instead.

bee on cloves

On Saturday, N and his dad bumped into my brother metal detecting somewhere in the fields.  N usually gets given the old pound coins he finds, but this time he came home with a random filthy disc of metal.  So he spent about 20 minutes gently brushing off the mud with one of his paintbrushes.  N might be a bit of a whirlwind in the way he looks after some things, but he can be focused and gentle about others.

cleaning up metal

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