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Project 365: the final 10 days of photos

Well, I’ve made it through to the end of Project 365.  I’m really proud of how I’ve finished the challenge, and although it was hard, I’m definitely up for next year’s as well.  How can I not be with the prospect of a couple of photography courses and a new camera (plus a bag so I can actually take it out without damaging it in my normal bag).

Even by the end of the year, I still find that I take masses of really nice photos one day, then struggle to take one the next.  Even being at home over the Christmas holidays, I’ve found the same.  Usually it’s because the OH hates me snapping away.  He doesn’t understand why I want to take lots of photos, and he hates being in them, hence the lack of family photos.  He also has no interest in taking any, so any time I pass the camera over to him, the photos are shocking because zoom and/or composition don’t exist in his vocabulary.

So over to the final 10 photos of 2014’s Project 365.

Sunday, I took N to the Heritage Motor Centre. We had a great time, and with an upgraded season ticket, may be back there in the new year.  N was enjoying his snack and admiring his stickers.

lots of stickers from Heritage centre

Monday was a chance to wear a bit more casual wear at work. So time to crack the new boots out. I found these in Sainsbury’s in their sale, and wanted to also get the black ones, but as usual there was only one pair of brown in my size. But I love them, to wear all day and they’re smarter than slopping around in my Emu boots.

new boots

Tuesday, and N wanted to dress up for nursery, trying on various outfits before deciding on a policeman ones. At the last minute he decided against it (but Wednesday saw him back in costume).

Polliceman dressing up

N was very insistent that we put out water for Santa Claus, and a carrot on Christmas eve. We don’t tend to have mince pies because I dislike them so there was a homemade chocolate truffle biscuit left instead. It’s lovely to see him picking up a tradition.


Mind you, it came to Christmas day, he rushed down in excitement to see if Father Christmas had been. ‘The reindeers haven’t eaten all of the carrot’.  Much disappointment, so much that he didn’t even see the note.  I had to explain that the reindeer have to eat a lot of carrots in every house, so they have to pace themselves.

Father Christmas has been

Boxing day and N was making the most of his new additions to his set. When he sets it up, we do get a lot of play out of it (and I get satisfaction from making sure all the ends close up!  It’s definitely a noisy play session because N has to do all the train noises and have a running commentary.

playing wooden railways

Saturday we nipped into town to do a quick look around the sales, and for N to spend the book token my best friend and his godmother had sent him.  We’re both bookworms and she knows that he has so many books, it’s not worth buying one because he’s bound to have got it.  N found a Biff and Chipper book he wanted, and got straight stuck in when we got home.

engrossed in a book


N’s been ‘working’ out on the farm with his dad quite a bit, and gets to see his cousin lots.  They also turn up on the doorstep together wanting to play, and Sunday they had what can only be described as quite an explosive play session.  N’s got bossy when people are playing with his toys because he wants to tell them exactly how they should be played with.  His 6 year old cousin was standing his ground which is good for N to learn without me having to step in too much.  After fighting over the one set of Scooby Doo goo and refusing to swap his Scooby for Scrappy with his cousin, they then agreed to get out ‘Frustration’.  It’s the first game that N is learning to play properly, although I wish I’d bought the proper version and not the cheap Wilko version where the dice doesn’t pop properly.  Still, they did play quite well.

Frustration game

Monday was frosty again.  While N was happy to have a few days relaxing in the house watching films, he’s also wanted to get out in the cold and explore the frost (and ice in the water table…brrr).  Give him a trusty stick and he’s been doing a lot of ‘writing’ in the frost which was still around until midday or so.

29th Dec 14 (Mon)

Tuesday I didn’t take many photos.  N had a friend over to play in the afternoon (more bossiness from him), but none of the photos I took of them came out.  Too much movement and too much blur.  This was the only one I caught of him watching what his friend L was doing in a quiet moment.

pensive child

Wednesday was a bit of a loony day, and after being at a birthday party of one of his nursery friends.  After tea N and his dad did some grooving (well, N did) to ACDC.  This photos not great, but I love how it shows how happy N is mucking around, pretending to be the guitarist on the dvd (hence the naked chest) and enjoying music.

playing the toy guitair

So we come to the end of 2014’s Project 365, and onwards towards the new start for 2015’s challenge.

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    1. I think with N at the moment, it’s more frustration for me at him not listening, or getting distracted! We used to play it with my nan

  1. I hit post before finishing the comment!

    Delete previous one if you want lol

    So as I was saying, love the boots!

    And he looks like hes having fun playing at being a guitarist! I always wanted to learn when I was younger

  2. The last photo is very funny, quite the rock star!!
    My oldest son used to love his Brio trains. He used to set it all up on our landing with his car/road mat in the middle!
    Happy New Year!

    1. That’s good multi-play/use. N doesn’t normally use his tractors with the railway. He’s not really into cars, but tractors and trains are kept fairly separate

    1. Thanks for your comment and best wishes. I think the bossiness is good in that they’re standing up for themselves. Maybe it’s a sign of leadership skills, but needs nuturing in the right direction. Best wishes for 2015 to you and your family.

  3. Lovely photos. I totally understand about the other half and taking pics, if I didn’t take selfies I don’t think there would ever be any of me! I’m joining in with 365 this year too, looking forward to it!

    1. Annoying, isn’t it!?

      Yay, glad you’ll be joining in with #365, it’s a great community. I’ve really enjoyed doing it this year.

      Happy new year to you Julie

  4. aww honey i hear you with on the hubster and lacking the interest in taking photos .. mine is dreadful!

    Wishing you and yours a fantastic new year lovely x

    1. So annoying aren’t they!? Must try and switch off my shutter sound so he’s less likely to notice it!

      Thanks, best wishes for the new year for you guys too

  5. A lovely final set of photos for the year. Great to read about N’s relationship with his cousin – these relationships are so important for kids to learn sharing and social skills.
    Happy new year to you all and well done on completing the project!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Definitely good to have cousins close, especially because we’re not planning on having any more children. Means he doesn’t feel as much like an only child if he’s seeing his cousins as regularly as he does.

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