Holiday scrapbook excerpt

What we love about back to school – plus giveaway

The summer holidays are rapidly passing by – even with me being in work, it feels like it’s whizzing by. For N he’s mostly been in holiday club – with the OH or his Gran usually picking him up early at 3ish and taking him back on the farm. Of course this wasn’t agreed before I paid for the holiday club so I’m out of pocket quite a bit. Maybe one year the OH will tell me he’ll be doing this each day and I’ll only need to book N in for what he’ll actually be doing.

As far as I can tell, there’s been a lot of activities including crafts coming home – pirates and princesses, science – rockets and volcanoes, layered sand/chalk and a lot of football and tennis. He’s enjoyed much of it, especially when some of his other school age peers have been in with him too.

But back to school will be welcome too. I’ve struggled to persuade N to continue doing some reading and writing over the holidays, despite him wanting to get stickers for his toy chain saw he’s been asking for. And the holiday scrapbook has about 30 pages of photos and leaflet inserts, but is severely lacking in more than 3 pieces of writing. Even Reading Eggs hasn’t drawn him in for some fun reading games. I might have to suggest a rusty readers session once he’s back at school to get him back to where he was before the holidays.

Holiday scrapbook excerpt

I think N’s a little wary of starting back in Year 1 because he realises he may have a little more work to do…although not as much as the year 1 children who’re moving up. But overall he’s looking forward to school again.

Here’s what we love about going back to school:


  1. Routine – while we still have holiday club at the same hours as school, getting back to N reading again each night will be good.
  2. No more packed lunches. I hate having to remember to have enough food in for the week for lunches
  3. No thinking about what clothes he needs to wear. Just get out uniform.
  4. More bedtime discussions about what N’s done each day. During the holidays I don’t get anything back about this
  5. N will be starting his new after school tennis club. He tells me now he only wants to play at school, but he’s booked in now, so has no choice for the first term. Hopefully he’ll enjoy it and do well.


  1. He gets to wear his new trainers. The most important thing!
  2. He’ll get to see his friends, and see his nursery friend who’s just starting in reception.
  3. Gets to be VIP again (hopefully)
  4. Gets to play lots of football with his cousin
    5. Lunch – the chunks of bread they can have alongside their meals!

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What do you look forward to about the kids going back to school?


Disclosure: This post is part of the Reading Eggs Back to School campaign. I’ve been compensated and provided a subscription to giveaway.

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  1. i was despearte for my odest to go back to school, and so was he! he loves school and gets quite crabby towards the end of the 6 week holidays!

  2. My daughter is looking forward to having school dinners…. I think that says a lot about my cooking lol!!

  3. Back to school…best time of the year in the run-up to Christmas with Nativity plays, carol services and perhaps even some snow.

  4. I looked forward to starting my new job working at a school and enjoying term time only with my children.

  5. My son started Primary school a couple of weeks ago, am looking forward to him learning lots of new and fun stuff

  6. it will be great for them to go back to school so my house doesn’t look like a bomb has hit it

  7. Not looking forward to it at all as my youngest is starting 🙁 Going to miss him so much, the house will be so quiet n empty without him

  8. I’m looking forward to getting some cleaning done, also I like walking my son to School. its our time together

  9. It will be good for my son to see his friends and for me to spend some time one on one with the baby x

  10. i love when the kids go back to school , back into routine and love when we have dinner and talk about our days, they love spending time with their friends and learning new things 🙂 our toddlers cant wait to start nursery/reception later this year

  11. I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and having proper mealtimes instead of the non-stop grazing. It will also be great to hear about what their up to at school

  12. I am looking forward to hearing all about their days and the exciting things they have been up to!

  13. As we home educate, I’m looking forward to everyone going back to school so we can have the parks and museums back to ourselves again!

  14. I’m looking forward to a year of no school runs now my eldest goes on her own and before my youngest starts next year

  15. My son was apprehensive about going back to school, but my oldest daughter was counting the days down.

  16. My son is starting school this year, I will miss him loads but will enjoy the extra 45 mins in the morning I will have with him before work

  17. My Grandaughter is so happy to be going back to school because she lives to learn. She said that she has missed her lessons. She’s very excited to be in the Juniors now.

  18. My nephew is starting his first ever year at school and I can’t wait to see how he gets on!

  19. My son went back today & I was thrilled – he needed the structure & routine again after 6 weeks!

  20. We are moving and staring a new school, so I’m looking forward to seeing my children making friends and settling in.

  21. We are moving and staring a new school, so I’m looking forward to seeing my children making friends and settling in.

  22. the kids are looking forward to seeing their friends every day, and I’m looking forward to a little peace before my operation!!

  23. I’m looking forward to my son starting reception because i feel he’s totally ready, and bored!

  24. My son loves learning at school and seeing his friends so all excited to be back. Nice to have a routine again

  25. For myself having time to myself again. Otherwise the hope is that my son will get back to reading more. He enjoys books but the holidays become just a long playtime!

  26. My niece loves to learn and has found nursery quite boring so she is really looking forward to doing more learning now she will be in the reception class.

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