Posh Dog at Seafish Cafe Jersey

Project 366 2016 week 35 – holidays

This week’s Project 366 is all about holidays.  Yes, we’ve just come back from a few days away in Jersey, and it was bliss.  So I’m not sharing the best photos because I want to use those in days out and holiday posts, but this will give a flavour of what went on.  Or more like, what went on in N’s mind and conversations.

Here’s our week 35.

On Sunday, we flew out to Jersey from Birmingham Airport.  If you’ve only got a short flight you don’t want to be sitting for hours in the airport with nothing to do, but thankfully the airport have a kids skyzone with lots of interactive activities.  N loved the music tent area.

playing music at Birmingham airport

When we arrive in Jersey it was a Sunday, followed by bank holiday so a lot of shops were shut.  We got used to the lay of the land, and N decided after a mooch around St Helier on the Monday, we’d have a picnic lunch in the lovely park near the hotel.  He was lovely on holiday and even agreed to carry our picnic lunch.

carrying our picnic shopping

On Tuesday we ate out at Seafish Cafe.  I’m not a fish fan, but N loves it, and luckily there was plenty of other yummy choices on the menu.  Like my amazing Posh Dog!  I’ve never eaten anything like it.

Posh Dog at Seafish Cafe Jersey

On Wednesday we got out and about again.  This was the look that N gave me the majority of the time I got out the camera.  He goes from refusing photos to loving them and ordering me around.

sticking his tongue out no photos

On Thursday it was time to return home. We’d had wonderful weather while away, and really enjoyed the laidback nature of Jersey.  Even N commented.

Flybe airplane in Jersey

On Friday it was back to normal (well, apart from having another day off work).  Back to cooking dinner.  I decided to make Nigella’s chocolate cloud cake.  It was delicious, although N wasn’t keen and the OH didn’t even try any. I despair.  In the end I handed some out to everyone I could.

chocolate cloud cake slice

On Saturday, it was a chore day. Time to catch up, visit the post office and sort out those little bits and pieces that don’t happen while I’m away.  The dishwasher, washing, bins, tidying up…yes the OH was at home but didn’t do any of that while I wasn’t there.  It was a good job we were only away for 5 days.

coloured cottage doors

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  1. Your break sounds great but have to say it would annoy me if I knew I was coming back to a mess made by another adult. Nice he was so well behaved and useful
    Hate it when they will not even try a bit before saying the do not like it.
    The kids zone sounds a good idea.

  2. I would happily have helped you out with your chocolate cloud cake! Your break in Jersey looks lovely. How nice for the two of you to go away together. I’ve never gone away with just the kids – they’re far too much of a handful for me!

    1. Lol, we usually go away just the 2 of us because the OH never takes holiday. N would love him to, but it does make it easier just going away with him on my own.

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