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What summer means to me – Summer Tag

I love a tag – sometimes it’s nice to sit back and answer a few questions. I like to find out a bit about the bloggers behind the blogs I enjoy. So the occasional tag gives that insight into them. This time I’m trying the summer tag – I’ve pulled a few questions from the full tag of hundreds because I’m sure no one wants to read that much about me!

The summer tag

Do you like summer?

I’m not a fan of hot weather, so while I like drier weather, longer days and clear blue skies, I struggle with too much sun.

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

Go on days out, relax in the garden with my feet in a paddling pool, eat outside.  The latter doesn’t happen often enough.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Mint choc chip or pistachio.  I do love a Mint Festival ice cream.

Ice cream or cream on strawberries?

I prefer cream, although wouldn’t turn down ice cream. The OH and N like ice cream topped with condensed milk.

What’s your summer drink of choice?

Pimms and lemonade. It just screams summer, and tastes delicious.

Summer tag - Bubbablue and me

What are your favourite clothes to wear in summer?

I would live in linen trousers given the chance. The denim shorts only come out on holiday unless it’s well over 30C at home.

What do you like most at the beach in summer?

Paddling in the sea, jumping waves, pretty beach huts, listening to children enjoying themselves. Oh, and an ice cream.

What’s on your summer playlist?

I love anything summery and singalong. Walking on Sunshine makes me smile. Or anything with a bit of latin rhythm like Havana by Camila Cabello.

What’s your favourite summer food?

I love quiche and salad. Or crusty bread sandwiches. Or Eton Mess for dessert.

What is your favourite memory of the summer?

Staying in a family friend’s caravan in Norfolk and our mum making us walk to Cromer along the beach one evening. It felt like the pier wasn’t getting any nearer. Then when we arrived there were no buses or trains back for hours, so we had to walk back again, after stopping for some fish and chips.

What don’t you like about summer?

Wasps, too many flies and the heat which makes my ankle swell up lots.

What’s been your favourite summer holiday destination?

I’ve not really been on many summer holidays.  Abroad, either Gran Canaria – which was the first holiday I went on a plane, at the age of 21 with 2 uni friends. Or Portugal with the OH, which was the last foreign holiday I went on, a year before I was pregnant! We had a lovely holiday, lots of pool time, lots of walking on the beach, and lots of nice food.

What summer mean to you?

Harvest time on the farm – so late nights for the OH and taking N to nearby fields to see the combine harvester, camping holidays with friends, days out, and swimming in the outdoor pool.

What sunscreen do you use?

Usually factor 30.  We usually have Nivea sprays in the house, although I did try some P20 one year. It still needed topping up.

Do you change your make up or hair routine in summer?

Not really. I move to a medium colour foundation, and paint my toe nails, but that

Raybans, aviator or big sunglasses?

For driving, big plastic ones and I usually leave those on at other times. When I remember I have some nice aviators but they’re a bit big on the ears for me.

What’s your favourite picnic food?

You can’t beat sausage rolls, but anything that’s bite size and easy to eat. Although I do like a pasta salad.

Inside or outside in summer?

Outside unless it’s over 26C, then I’d rather be indoors.

Siesta or keep going?

It frustrates me when you’re on holiday and everything stops for siesta. It feels like a waste of a day. If I have to have one, then I generally read or just relax rather than sleep.

What’s your summer footwear of choice?

Flip flops (Havaianas all the way) or Birkenstocks. I struggle to find sandals with straps that are long enough to go round my left ankle which puffs up in the heat.

So that’s what summer is to me. I’m tagging Jess at Tantrums to Smiles and Laura at Laura Summers to pass on the tag.

Let me know what your favourite things are about summer.

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    1. They’re so comfy aren’t they. Although I’ve worn flip flops more this year. Let me know if you post the tag and I’ll pop over and read.

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