project 365 photos week 23

Project 365: Week 23 photo a day

It’s been a real up and down week this week.  Some great outdoor activities with N, but some downers as well later in the week.

project 365 photos week 23

Sunday we went to Stowe, a National Trust gardens.  We have membership, so I’m trying to make the most of it.  I used to go to the school for sports matches, so it’s weird being back there years later, but we had a great time.  Quite a short walk round, but some lovely views and N was pleased to have a picnic.  N often needs a bit of encouragement to go off path, but he spotted the chair and was over like a shot.

Monday, and on picking N up from nursery, I again had to drag him from ‘driving’ the car. He now undoes his safety belt when the car stops, I get out of the car and walk round to get him out of his door.  In that time he’s quite often climbed up and leap over to the front and into the driving seat.  Super speedy.

N loves his teleporter – it was a bargain 20p from a car boot tale and does the job really well.  Tuesday was another day N had crept into bed with me early, having been woken by his dad going out.  It’s not usually too bad, but it’s not great when you have diggers driven over you.

Wednesday, on a walk between our two office buildings at work, I realised that all of a sudden there are lots of foreign tourists loitering around Banbury Cross and the statue of the fine lady on her horse.  So I decided to join in the photo taking.  Bizarrely there’s a frog under one hoof – I have no idea of the significance of this!

Thursday wasn’t a good day.  Overnight we’d had to take N to out of hours for a bout of croup (thankfully all cleared the next day, but scary having never heard the bark like cough before.  Then I managed to fall over outside work.  Ouch, days later and my knee’s still hurting.  And the day was topped off by losing the second key to my locker at work.  I’ve never lost a key before working for this company.  And now, in the last 3 months I’ve lost two.  There’s no spare, so  god knows what they’ll do to get access to the locker other than with a master key.

Friday was a nursery school day, but N’s friend was having a treat visit to the park afterwards, so we joined them for a brief half hour play.  It was lovely having a chat and watching the boys play.

Today after swimming, the rain had cleared and it was a beautiful day again.  My brother popped over to fill in some forms, while N had been playing out all afternoon. I transferred my tomato plants to grobags…I’m not too hopeful as I think most have grown too high and are going to collapse, but fingers crossed a few plants will progress.  And that they don’t disappear like my 3 sunflowers mysteriously did.  His uncle was trying to teach N how to play golf with the Plan Toys set we’re due to review.

A real mix of a week, and hopefully next week will prove more successful.

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  1. In all the years I lived in Banbury since that statue was put in place I’d never noticed that frog – well spotted. Hope the knee is better now. ps. I’ve been woken up all week with Monkey hay baling teddy on my bed :/

    1. I spotted it a while back – saddo, went to check out the statue in detail when it was erected. Should really find out why the frog is there.
      We’ve not so much had any more tractor stuff than normal (although we weren’t impressed with daddy’s 3 metre wide mower rather than the 9 metre super mower!).

  2. Gosh poor you, I do hope your knee sorts itself out, they always seem to take a little while to heal. I hope N is doing better too. Aside from that and the key, sounds like the rest of the week was really good. Lots of outdoor fun which is always beneficial. Hope this week is better 🙂

    1. Thanks. Knees are funny – don’t remember as a child the pain lasting, but I think it’s just where it is, that it gets tightened and pulled everytime the knee bends…or I’m just a wuss!

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