baggy hat wearing

Project 365 2017 week 4 – cinema and cats

It’s week 4 of Project 365, and has been a mixed one. From good spirits at turning 6 last weekend, to being sick this weekend and missing his own joint party. Missing it doesn’t seem to be worrying N too much, although at least 1 person isn’t going because they were N’s invite and don’t know anyone else. So hope they still have fun without him.

On Sunday, N was out in the garden with his cousin. The 2 of them are lovely together although it was a fleeting play before lunchtime.  I’m not sure what N was doing with his hat – usually he wears it normally, but e was obviously going for the gnome look.

baggy hat wearing

On Monday I had a clear out of the cutlery drawer because the tray wouldn’t sit flat. Turns out we had a lot of baby and toddler cutlery. This doesn’t even include all the plastic spoons.

baby and toddler cutlery

On Tuesday N decided he was drawing ammonites and would be having a display. We now have them on downstairs doors too. I do wish he would draw more than 1 item on paper though. Total waste.

putting up poster of drawings

On Wednesday it was the monthly ceroc freestyle I go to in Oxford. I do love to see citites lit up and there’s always something new to see.

lit up windows in Oxford

On Thursday I had a flexi afternoon off work. I always hate taking flexi during non-school holidays because it always feels a bit wrong having time off when N’s stuck in school.  Usually for a half day there’s not much time to go anywhere, so I’d been planning to sit in a coffee shop and do some blogging. But instead I decided to have a spontaneous cinema trip to see La La Land.  I was the only person in the cinema and loved the film, although I did have a bit of a teary moment at the end. It didn’t end quite the way I wanted it to, but I definitely recommend going to see it.

wecome cinema screen

On Friday I nipped to the supermarket in my lunch break.  This ginger cat is always loitering by the entrance. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone out quick enough to get the car waiting for the cat crossing the zebra crossing.

cat and zebra crossing

On Saturday it was the last shoot day of the season. N always does his swimming lesson first, then we get back, get him changed into his shooting gear, and call someone to collect him and take him to the shoot. He loves being out with the men (and a few women), and enjoys beating so much. Although I think the shoot dinner in the pub is also a big draw.

ready for shoot day

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  1. N looks so smart in his shoot gear! Sorry to hear he’s poorly and has missed his own party 🙁 Going to the cinema on your own sounds like a very good use of flex-time! I think I might end up seeing La La Land on my own too.

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