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Project 365 2015 week 47

It’s week 47 of Project 365, and my photos are a bit sporadic.  School uniform is boring as well – all my photos of N seem to just look the same.  Very confusing.  Here’s this week.

Sunday, and my photo reflects the stormy damage of Abigail.  Not many apples left on the trees in the garden now.

windfall cooking apples from the tree

Monday morning and I woke to this glorious sunrise.  There’s been some gorgeous sunrises this autumn, although it’s rare that I see them.  I’m usually too busy sorting out N in the mornings to have my phone to photograph them.

sunrise over the farm

I rarely get to TKMaxx anymore because our office moved so it’s a bit out of my way.  But I love it for Christmas gifts, and having a meeting that was in that direction on Tuesday meant I had an opportunity to go in and look for Christmas gifts.

gorgeous bowl from TKMAxx

On Wednesday I went for a mooch round town.  I’m still on my diet (although only using New You for 1 or 2 meals a day) and trying to keep up the walking at lunch times to stay active.  I spotted this gorgeous sequin dress as I walked past a shop, and just had to grab a photo…it turned out to be the only photo I took that day.

pretty sequin dress

Thursday N was happy to finish off his last phonic worksheet of the week.  He’s now 7 letters down, although they missed Friday for a school trip.  He gets a few mixed up, but still seems fairly keen which is good.  I’m hoping the more he does, the more he’ll stay interested.

practising writing

Friday N went on his first school trip.  When we got home we found our second delivery of Megableu games for review so of course, N had to get them opened straight away.

playing games with Megableu

This week’s been quite a good parcel delivery week.  Earlier in the week I went to a friend’s house for a Stella and Dot party.  I loved so much of the jewellery and accessories, I ended up ordering 2 bracelets, plus another for my god-daughter/niece, and a bag.  I really fancied one of the necklaces as well, but couldn’t quite stomach paying that much money so held back a bit!  On Saturday (only days after the order) my parcel arrived.  I’m really pleased with all my purchases.

Stella and Dot bracelet

project 365

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  1. that is an amazing sun rise photo and I love the bracelet, nice to treat yourself from time to time

  2. I love the bracelet. Have never really been struck by Stella & Dot but that’s really nice. I hope your niece doesn’t read your blog! That sunset is truly stunning. Nice shot. x

    1. Lol, no she’s not old enough to be reading blogging stuff, and more into outdoors stuff than following youtubers like many young girls seem to nowadays. I’m craving after the necklace I really liked now, but I’m planning to buy it when I’ve lost some more weight as a reward.

  3. Sounds like you’ve got a great start on Christmas shopping! I’ve got a list going, but haven’t made any of the actual purchases yet. Baby steps, right? 🙂

  4. it is nice to buy something that bit different, glad you were happy with your purchases.
    You would certainly get noticed in that dress.
    Hope you manage to do something with the apples and they don’t go to waste.
    Nice sunrise, we just having nothing to line up with either a rise or a set.

  5. I hope N enjoyed his school trip! My daughter had one on Thursday. That sunrise is stunning! Like you, I usually miss them as I’m too busy getting organised for the day ahead. We’ve had a lot of parcels this week too – partly Christmas and partly stuff the kids need, although I had to send some school trousers and a leotard straight back as the sizes were wrong!

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