little boy chopping veg for a salad

Project 366 2016 week 13

The first week of the Easter holidays for us and I had a few days off to spend with N.  We did have a last minute short break to Eastbourne after the bank holiday.  It was lovely to get away although the OH was still working so it was just N and myself.

Here’s our week 13 for Project 366, photo a day for a year.

On Easter Sunday, N spent a lot of time playing with his wooden farm set.  He set it up exactly like the picture on the box, added his Britains farm vehicles and has dipped in and out over the week.  It’s lovely to see him playing with toys rather than wanting to watch TV or YouTube all the time.

playing with a wooden farm set

On Monday we didn’t do much.  I booked our holiday very late on Sunday evening, and spent Monday packing and planning for holiday, while N went out on the farm with his dad.  In the evening I went dancing to a different venue in Leamington Spa – a freestyle modern jive event held in the Pump Rooms.  A lovely venue, but very hot with a slippy floor.  It didn’t set my world on fire as an event but it was nice to dance with different people.

Leamington Spa pump rooms

On Tuesday we headed off to Eastbourne for our couple of days break.  We stayed in a hotel but ate out each night…the jacket and ties must be worn by men dinner dress code wasn’t my thing especially as I only took jeans with me.  So we ended up in an Italian restaurant and of course my diet went out of the window.  I had this delicious starter of mozzarella, tomato and basil salad. Yum.

Mozzarella tomato and basil salad

On Wednesday we had a busy day. I always think it’s the norm to cram in lots, but never really remember that N’s only young and that really he’s like his dad and just wants a sleep in the afternoons when he’s on holiday (waste of time in my eyes!). This photo was taken at Michelham Priory where N was moaning and going on about sore throat, sore ears, and how he wanted to go home (back to the hotel). He was really whiny that day even though he spent the morning at an adventura park with another 5 year old.

blase bored boy

On Thursday we were back home again after our fleeting trip.  Arriving home and then getting a sunset like this was pleasing to the eye. I feel like I’ve missed all the sunsets and sunrises now the clocks have changed so I’ll be keeping a watch out for more.

sunset at the farm in March

On Friday I was back at work while N spent the day on the farm with his dad.  He mainly just potters around with him, and helps him out with ‘work’.  For tea N wanted to help make the salad so he did all the chopping of the peppers and cucumber (the size and shape of the latter’s slices left a lot to be desired).

little boy chopping veg for a salad

On Saturday, I’d agreed that I would take N swimming at the leisure centre in town.  His normal swimming lessons are off for nearly 4 weeks, so it’s hard to keep it going while we’re off.  We don’t travel light while swimming, taking a float and swimming woggle with us, although he could have made done just with the float.

on the way to swimming

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  1. N did a super job, chopping the veg. I’m so nervous to give a knife to my 5-year-old, but they do need to learn the skills. The sky photo is amazing. Glad you managed to have a lovely break in Eastbourne. I love a good old tomato and mozzarella salad too, so simple yet delicious.

  2. oooh mozzarella salad is my favourite starter, that sunset is amazing, i’ve not seen a purple/pink one for ages

  3. It must have been lovely to get away for a couple of days. Looking forward to doing the same when we get our spring break in a couple of weeks 🙂 That sunset is absolutely beautiful x

  4. It must have been lovely to get away for a couple of days. I really struggle with school holidays these days as the kids are all really hard to please and we end up doing nothing!
    I’m very impressed with N’s cutting skills!
    My MIL teaches modern jive! She’s 71. I would love to be a fly on the wall at her class, because I have no idea what it would be like.

    1. He does like a knife. Scares me sometimes, but so far no injuries!

      Go, your MIL. Where does she teach? you should go and try it out. It’s great fun.

  5. Thanks. I do like Leamington but don’t go there that frequently. Unfortunately I’m back at work next week with N in holiday club. Must remember to make him packed lunches!

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