Mini tulips in London

Project 365 – photo a day week 50

Cutting it fine this week to post my week 50 of Project 365.

Apart from work and nursery, we’ve been able to get out and about at weekends so it’s easy to get photos then, but weekends, crikey it’s hard.  Here’s this week’s round up.

Sunday, we went to Didcot Railway centre to their Christmas Thomas the Tank Engine meets Father Christmas day.  N really loved the outside railway track and spent ages watching the trains go backwards and forwards.

Toby railway engine at Didcot

Monday was a normal everyday day.  N was still talking about his trip to ride on Thomas, still wafting around the remains of his balloon, and then wanted to use all the stickers he was give.  But he did have some quiet time after nursery.  He’s definitely had a lot of hyper moments this week.

Thomas the tank engine balloon

Tuesday was a work meeting in London.  I always get my phone out to take photos of what I see, usually buildings.  But the street that my contractor’s office is on, always has such beautiful flower boxes on the railings.

Mini tulips in London

Wednesday was N’s first nativity play at nursery.  Every time I think about it, I remember something else about it which makes me chuckle.

noisy nativity king

Thursday, and I just had to take a photo of N’s spread out toys.  He’s not usually too bad, but even though we’ve had a sort out, there still seems to be a lot around.  N’s back into jigsaws, so wanted to have the foam pieces to do his puzzles on.  I’ve not managed to get him properly clearing up, so that’s next on my attempts.

Child's messiness

Friday was another lazy day.  We didn’t get up to much after nursery because I was going out in the evening. Instead N played my new Christmas cd and watched Christmas movies – he loves Christmas lights which is what he was enthralled with in this photo.

watching Christmas lights

Saturday and a shot of N going through his morning routine at the moment.  He’s loving his Lego advent calendar, as well as his fabric (chocolate coin) one.  I think it’s really helped his numbers, and he’s now actually trying to learn the numbers, and has been recognising a couple.  Long may his interest continue…in numbers and lego!

Lego Advent Calendar

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  1. Love the depth of field in the photo of the railway, good work. I love him kneeling down to check out the Christmas scene in the last photo.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Monkey was captivated with that little railway too, he remembered it from last year. You will be amazed next year when it comes to numbers on the advent calendar. Monkey doesn’t need any help this year finding the right numbers.

    1. He’s already doing pretty well. It helps that his dad is also counting the days through with him…first time he’s done anything learning wise, so hope he’ll try doing more as it seems to help.

    1. Thanks for commenting. It’s so great to see how they grow up and tastes change. He wasn’t really that much into Duplo, so am pleased he’s loving the lego already.

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