project #365 week 20 photo round up

Project 365 – week 20 photo a day

Week 20 and a fleeting post round up of the photos for Project 365 this week.

As always it’s been a busy week, and I think the heat at the end of the week has flaked us out a bit.  The OH’s been suffering with tonsilitis which wipes him out a couple of times a year, N’s been really sleepy early evenings thanks to lots of outdoor play, and I suffer headaches when it’s too hot and I don’t get the chance to drink as much water as usual.  Hopefully we’ll bounce back next week.

project #365 week 20 photo round up

Sunday  – N loves to remove items of clothing.  And after using the toilet is a prime opportunity, with him running off afterwards. At least he had pants on!  Although he decided the sofa cushions had to come off so he could build a den.

Monday – Start of some reasonable weather after the cold weekend, and grabbed this shot as I came out of work at lunchtime.  It wasn’t quite the angle I was aiming for, but still reflected the church against the bright blue of the sky.

Tuesday – Someone from work was getting back a first bike that she’d lent to another colleague, and was going to ebay it.  So instead she passed it onto me for N.  Of course he decided he wanted it straight away.  He doesn’t want to pedal though, just use it as a balance bike, so I might need to hide it for a bit until he wants to actually pedal, as they just get in the way if he’s using it balance bike stlye.

Wednesday – N’s hit and miss in the mornings.  Sometimes he’ll sleep in his own room, other times he’ll be woken by the OH as he goes to work at 5am.  Then I’ll wake at 6.30 or earlier when N decides to wake up after creeping into bed with me.  This morning, he’d tipped duplo and sticklebricks all over the bed so was hiding from me!

Thursday – Like other toddlers, N loves to ‘drive’ the car.  I usually get in the car to find the air vents closed and the car in gear.  But this week I got in to see my phone charger had become the key!  Grr

Friday – N came home from nursery bringing some sheets of his writing.  This week it appears that he’s been asking nursery staff for some paper and pens to do some writing, so he’s showing some interest.  So far, it looks like he’s got an N ok, now just to work on the the other 8 letters of his name.  Didn’t think about how long the name was to learn when we were talking names!

Saturday – we went to Oxford for the morning.  I had a review to do, so N got a rare trip on a bus, saw the river, and we even stopped for a cheeky treat drink and pastry in The Grand Cafe.  It was a bit of a reminisce for me, as I remember enjoying it years ago on a date.  N was really good – he was the only child in there, drank his drink nicely, didn’t fidget, chatted with me, ate most of his food (without making a mess on him or the table, mostly).  It’s quite disappointing when noone comments on how well behaved he is, but then guess that goes to show that most people don’t really notice or care what’s going on at other tables.

With the warmer weather and more play outside, N’s really getting tired after nursery.  Quite a few days he’s fallen asleep while I prepare tea which is never a good thing…that’s the time when I need the OH to be in to keep him awake and entertained.

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  1. I don’t cope well in hot weather either, we will have to dose up on packets of paracetomal and ibuprofen before it gets much warmer with us. Lovely church roof poking up into the sky there, the blue is wonderful.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    1. Thanks. Looks like we’ll get a bit of a breather on the weather later this week. I usually have to just sleep my headaches off and that works, but ht eOH suffers for a few days. I do like the Forehead type of menthol stuff that you put on your forehead and it helps ease a headache that’s only just started.

  2. Haha I smiled at the car key! Cheeky! It’s lovely going back to old places and thinking how much life has changed and yes, no one comments on the positive do they? Lovely pics 🙂

    1. At least now I always remember to check the rear view mirror and gear stick. I always used to stall the car before I checked it, and the other day he’d moved the mirror. Grr

  3. Aww hope you all feel better next week.

    What is it with kids and removing clothes? My 20 month old has started doing that!!

    1. Thanks. OH’s got anti b’s so is back doing work and out of the house (why men get laid up with tonsilitis I have no idea – 2 days he didn’t get out of bed!)

      The clothes removal. No idea, although at least N’s is mostly in the house. He does have a tendency to walk round town lifting up his top! Strange

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