stranded wellies outside a door

Project 365 2015 – photo a day week 8

As with the last few weeks I’ve been slacking a bit.  I’m frantically trying to finish the mammoth book I started reading (it’s hard going and I’m a tad bored with it), as well as catch up with my crochet.  I usually snap away when I go for a walk on work lunchtimes, but haven’t managed much of that either.  Must make more effort to go out more specifically to take photos.

Here’s this week’s photos for Project 365.

N was given lots of lego from his uncle, all organised neatly in colour based boxes.  I’m wondering how long they’ll stay like that, but it does make life easier for finding the pieces you want.  Mostly N is just playing with whatever’s built up, although he does have a few new kits to build up.

Lego organisation

We’re learning spanish with Flashsticks.  It’s going a bit slowly, mostly because N isn’t good at standing or sitting still and learning.  So I’m just introducing a few words at a time.   I did a couple of years of spanish when I was 12-13 and I’m surprised at how many words I do remember. The fridge is coming in handy, although the OH hates how scruffy it looks.

Learning Flashsticks Spanish

Tuesday, we got a surprise delivery from Vita Coco.  We loved these drinks last year, so it was a nice surprise to get sent some more.  Although I do prefer to get a heads up if something’s coming especially by courier.  At the farm there are 3 households, 2 with the same surname.  But couriers who leave ‘you’re not in’ cards, really need to write the name of the recipient on the cards.  Luckily this one I could look online to find out that it was for me.

Vita Coco children's drinks

Wednesday, N began to have a box thing going on.  He’s always quite liked a box, but I’d bought a new plastic box for him to put all the smaller lego boxes, so my brother could have his big plastic box back.  N wasn’t having any of it, and fancied it for a bed or boat, depending on his urge.  Why he also felt the need to get naked, I have no idea.

making a bed for himself

As well as boxes, this week’s been a lot about bikes.  N’s balance bike is a little on the small side for him now – the seat won’t go any higher, but he’s got this bike on loan from one of my work colleagues in readiness for him learning on a pedal bike.  He loves the bike, for starters it has a little basket on the back for carrying teddies in, and has a bell.  The balance bike is also too muddy to bring in the house, so he’s been riding this Raleigh Ollie round the house instead.

bike seat watching tv

On Fridays I pick N up from nursery at 3, and we head back to the farm so he can catch his dad at tea break.  This is the normal picture outside the farm, although quite often there’s another couple of pairs of boots there too.

stranded wellies outside a door

On Saturday N was out for the day for his friend’s birthday treat meal and cinema trip, so it was a day of chores for me.  I’d hoped to spend the day catching up on blogging, going out doing a photography walk amongst other things, but ended up doing some chores, tidying up my mum’s house and and not doing any of the nice things I wanted to do.  But I did nip into a local farm shop that I’ve never been to, and spotted they now have an artisan bakery on site.  I decided to get our weekend bread from there and found that it’s not only a bakery but a tea room as well.  Perfect for meeting up with friends out of town rather than having to pay for parking, although definitely one for a treat given the prices…even more than the french bakery we usually buy from.

Baker Girl artisan bakery and tea room

I think the week coming is the calm before the storm (and then a week off for me) at work, so I’ll have to make sure I take my camera into work and head out to take photos at lunchtimes.

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  1. that is a bit ocd with the lego, but no I doubt they will stay like that for long, they would not in our house.
    Love all the muddy wellies lined up.
    Laughed at the bike as a seat to watch tv.

    1. So far so good. He’s more into the new kits we’ve got, than randomly making up his own creations at the moment. Might need a bigger box at this rate! Thanks for stopping by

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