jumping logs on the woodland walk at Upton House

Project 365 2017 week 15 – eggs and horses

It’s onto week 15 of project 365 and the final run up to Easter.  We’ve only had 1 week of holidays this week so I’m hoping that lots of children are back to school next week and we’ll have some quiet-ish time away without insane traffic on the roads.

On Sunday I finally got round to making my mediterranean courgettes side – I’ve had the post written for ages, but whenever I’ve made it before I’ve never managed to get photos taken. But my post is finally up.  I still can’t get N to try them.

finished mediterranean veg

On Monday, N started his 4 days with his dad on the farm while I was at work. Well, maybe not his dad. Turns out he spent most of the time with his uncle because N prefers doing sheep work. He’s been frantically waiting for his own 11 sheep to have their lambs (2 so far this week).  After tea, we helped out his Gramps who’s still recovering from his op, and shut up his chickens. N was very excited to find this egg. When I asked him to hold the egg for a photo, him dabbing is what I got.

dabbing with an egg find

On Tuesday, N was pottering around the farm after tea again.  I found him on the lawn mower, where he told me exactly how you had to drive it (I wish they’d not leave the keys in. One day, he’s going to drive off with it!).

checking the lawn mower

On Wednesday I was dancing in Oxford in the evening. It’s nice to have the evenings light enough to get some photos, especially of this gorgeous blue door.

beautiful doors in Oxford

On Thursday I was sent a stationery parcel of odds and sods, in preparation for National Stationery Week. N’s already got his eye on them all.

stationery stash

On Good Friday, we’d been invited to Lambourn Open Day, and took Mary and Monkey from Over 40 and a mum to one with us. We had a tour round one of the yards, met all the horses, then checked out the afternoon displays. More to come in a later post.

meeting horses in Lambourn

On Saturday, it was a getting things done day. We’d planned to get N’s hair cut, but I had a feeling the usual barber’s would be shut and it was. N refused to go to the hairdressers in Sainsbury’s and wouldn’t try the barber’s in another nearby village. So it looks like we’ll have to try again next week. He’s looking very overgrown and scruffy now.  If he’d not had a sore head last week, we’d have got it done then.

We took the youngest nephew over to Upton House round the corner, to do the Easter Egg hunt. The trail was largely round the woodland walk which has lots of natural play areas. The boys loved it.

jumping logs on the woodland walk at Upton House

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  1. The courgette dish looks lovely – I would happily try it. My boys are the same, l make something new and they refuse to try it or try there tiniest piece and then say yuk! Kids huh!
    The dabbing photo made me laugh! and my boys would be driving there lawn mower ion the keys were left in too x

  2. It sounds like N has had a good week on the farm. My kids tend to dab when I stick a camera in their faces too! I love the look of your courgettes. Anything involving tomato and cheese is always a winner with me. My kids wouldn’t try them either!

    1. Yes, similar type of city to Bath, so much history in both. I’d not dare to do N’s. The OH already says the barber’s butcher it!

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