Easter egg hunt at Upton House- Bubbablue and me
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Easter Egg hunt at Upton House

It’s been a while since I’ve been to our nearby National Trust property, Upton House. And a few years since I took N for a Cadbury easter egg hunt there. The first time we took N’s youngest cousin with us, and this time we invited him along too.  At 8 he’s still willing to look for Easter eggs, and he and N always love being out and about together.

Easter egg hunt at Upton House- Bubbablue and me

With my family membership I could get the nephew in too, so we only had to pay the £3 each for the Easter egg trail.

We’ve never really done the woodland walk before, but it’s definitely something we’ll do again. The easter egg trail followed it round, and while the boys enjoyed spotting the clues and doing the activites, they were more interesting in playing on the natural play areas. With logs to balance on and jump over they were in their elements challenging each other.

sun through the trees at Upron
woodland play
leaping across logs

There are also some willow tunnels and they discovered some other hidey hole ‘dens’ to hide from me in.

The easter egg trail itself was answering nature questions and taking part in nature based activities. So we added to a spider’s web, a birds nest and an insect hotel.  Both boys refused to have their photos taken to go on the Upton House website – nothing like woods to explore to make boys run off from having their photo taken!

deducing clues
making spiders webs
adding to the bug hotel

After completing the trail I managed to get them to continue walking round the grounds.  I was disappointed to see that the mirror lake was still not open after being closed for winter to rebuild some bits and clean it up.  I thought I’d read it would be reopened for the start of the season but it’s obviously running late which is a shame. I’ll have to come back once it’s opened to see the new 1920s exhibitions in the house as well.

blossom at upton house
blueebells at Upton
pretty purple flowers
cousins as friends
walking around

The biggest draw for the boys was the various slopes around the house. They were quite happy rolling down them, and then pushing each other down a ‘drop’.  Thankfully no injuries, so letting them run a bit wild was fine on this occasion.

hill rolling gif

Afterwards it was time for a quick drink before heading back via the woodland walk to collect their easter treats. It does make me laugh to see the boys get shy when random volunteers start trying to make conversation with them.  They’re both quite quiet boys naturally until they get to know people, but I know how they feel. Because while people do like to chit chat, sometimes you just want to get on and not faff around having a lovely discussion about what you’ve been doing. N’s cousin just looks shy, and N looks perplexed because he’s not sure about why this strange lady started chatting to him. Thankfully they did say thanks for the chocolate rabbit they were given.  Then we made our escape.

We were probably only at Upton for just over an hour, but being so close and having membership is handy because you can just pop in rather than having to drag out a stay past what the children are interested in.

back of Upton House
the finish line of the easter egg hunt

Of course, their 1 chocolate bunny, was topped up a ridiculous amount on Easter Sunday by my sister in law who did them an easter egg hunt. N came home with 9 (!) pieces of chocolate – some larger eggs, a box of Heroes and some (as I would expect) smaller hollow egg hunt eggs.  Given he’d already got a small egg from me and then the same from my brother, I’m not particularly pleased with the amount of chocolate.  Next year I think I’ll probably not bother myself and maybe just get him a book or some art supplies instead.

Have your children done any Easter egg hunts?  Are they overdosing in chocolate?

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  1. Upton Park is on my list of National Trust places to visit, we try and do an egg trail with NT every year. Monkey wasn’t too bad with chocolate this year but we do have a lot of sweets left over from Christmas. I brought books this year for them. #CountryKids

  2. We love NT Easter Egg hunts! Your children look to be having a wonderful time – and a chocolate reward too! #countrykids

  3. Ooh this looks like a fab place. Have just bought us NT membership so must go and check this out!

  4. Looks like a really lovely egg hunt and fun too, as well as a beautiful place to be #countrykidsfun

  5. It’s great that the boys had a wonderful time exploring the woodland trail together hunting for the clues. Those natural play areas along the trail look like the perfect way to encourage kids along, they’ll always be interested in what the next challenge will be. It’s great that they got a little chocolate bunny as a reward, they certainly ended up with a big haul on Easter Sunday!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  6. You can’t go wrong with a National Trust Easter egg hunt. Good value for money and lovely grounds to explore. Also like the fact that they are slightly different each year – keeps the children interested. Thanks for sharing #countrykids

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