A fun guide to throwing a brilliant DIY ‘Minions’ themed party

Bright yellow, with either one or two eyes, Minions were catapulted into the spotlight by the ‘Despicable Me’ film franchise, back in 2010.  While N hasn’t watched many films (or at least films all the way through), he has managed to sit through Despicable Me and enjoy it!  The Minions seem to be loved by everyone – featuring in emojis online and in paraphernalia offline.  Fun little creatures, these small yellow beings have become firm favourites with children and adults that, with more and more children asking for Minion themed birthday parties.

Credit: Eats Amazing

We’ve not got into the whole themed birthday party thing yet but maybe we should for N’s next one.  A Minion theme could be an option. There are so many accessories, decorations and other must-have Minion themed items from .  that it’s hard to choose! With so many ‘essentials’ on the list, buying the right Minion party bags and supplies can be fraught with difficulty… but whichever items you do choose, it’s going to be a great party for any Minion fans.

Here are 10 fabulous ideas for your own Minion themed party

1. Themed Minion treats

The great thing about Minions is that they are easy to replicate, even for those of us who say we can’t draw. Replicating them with treats is not difficult either. Make your own round biscuits, decorate with golden, egg yolk coloured icing and then decorate – you will need black for the outline details, white for the eye or eyes (some Minions only have one eye!) and a dot of blue for the centre of the eye. Add a few spikes of hair to some, and you will find you have a delicious tray of treats.

Or of course, the classic party fare, cupcakes

Minions cupcakes - The Olivers Madhouse
Credit: The Olivers Madhouse

2. Banners

A quick search online to  find printable Minion A4 sized characters; print off on plain paper or card and colour in to your heart’s delight (get the kids to help). Or print off in colour and just need printing off, cutting out and linking together with string or ribbon for a lovely Minion bunting.

3. Signs

Labelling food as well as having some helpful signs around the place is a perfect way of also accessorising your home or party venue with the Minion theme. Again, buy online or create your own, using free templates or, if you are feeling particularly creative, get creating your own Minions.

4. Minion cups

The great thing about Minions is that they are easy to recreate! Creating your own Minion drinking cups is really easy and, could be an activity that you incorporate within your party. Make sure you have enough golden yellow cups per party guest and supply some black marker pens, along with some wobbly eyes (self-stick ones are better if you can get hold of them, or use a non-toxic glue with small hands under adult supervision). With handy pictures nearby, children and adults alike can create their own useable, take home cup!

5. Treat bags

Whether you’re a fan of party bags or not, they are an undeniable treat and a high point on which to bid your party guests farewell. There are many online companies supplying party bags, with Minions being a popular theme. However, if you are still in do-it-yourself mode, buy some yellow paper bags, decorate with the one eye or two eyes of a Minion then fill with cake and treats.

Creme Egg Minions - Casa Costello
Creme Egg minions – courtesy of Casa Costello

6. Minion napkins

Accessorising your table is really important, and gives the finishing touches to many a Minion themed party. Why not invest in blue plastic cutlery and yellow napkins; fold the napkins over the cutlery and hold in place with a handmade Minion eyes strip; use card to create a loop to hold the package all together. For maximum impact, pile all these Minions eyes napkin holders together and let your guests choose whether they have a one eyed Minion or two.

7. Minion balloons

Balloons are a must-have at any party but certainly for a Minion themed one. There are many Minion balloons available to buy, with helium filled ones working the best. However, they are more expensive than plain ones, so bunch out your balloon ‘bunches’ with complimenting navy and yellow balloons.

8. Minion jars

Great for table decorations or maybe an alternative to the party bag,Minion jars make great receptacles for all kinds of things. Using a Minion as a guide, paint glass jars with specialist paint or cover with yellow and blue paper; make sure you use the customary google eyes to denote that it is a Minion jar… and don’t forget those dungarees too!  (You can use my Halloween jars as a guide on how to make using tissue paper)

9. Accessorise the cutlery

What sets these Minion characters apart from all others is the distinctive wide eyes expression they carry; from denoting excitements and wonderment, these eyes are instantly recognisable. Why not add some fabulous googly eyes to navy coloured cutlery for extra effect?

10. Minions, Minions, everywhere!

And finally, many people worry that there can be over-kill when it comes to decorating and accessorising a party with a theme but it’s impossible when children are around! From Minion themed banners to ‘The party is here!’ signs, it’s all about creating a fun and exciting environment… hopefully the children will be talking about it for years to come too!

Have you ever had a Minion party?  What other themes have been successful with your children?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Party Bags and Supplies

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