Hardys Sweet Shop Oxford

Project 365 2015 week 39

Onto week 39 for Project 365, and I’ve been desperately short of photos this week.  It’s certainly Autumn with the lack of being outdoors and photos.  Onto this week’s photos:

On Sunday I took n to a Cushion Concert in Oxford.  Afterwards we had lunch and spotted this amazing old style sweet shop, Hardy’s. Of course we had to go in.

Hardys Sweet Shop Oxford

On Monday I didn’t take any photos, except this one of N’s arm.  He’d served himself his roast veg for Sunday dinner as he always does, but caught his arm on the roasting tray.  Luckily it didn’t blister and he let me put it under the cold tap, but it looks pretty vicious.  This week hasn’t been a great one for injuries, because he also fell over at school and grazed his knee, being given a plaster for the first time ever.

arm burn

On Tuesday after breakfast, N decided he wanted to get out his paints.  It’s so rare he wants to do any painting or drawing, but he did 3 different paintings and managed not to get his uniform mucky.

early morning painting

Wednesday a limited photo day.  A colleague and I headed out for a walk at lunch and went to nosy round the new Tiger store in town.  I can see it being really useful for stocking presents and things like Secret Santa.  I do love their candle and colour displays.

Candle display in Tiger

I’m not sure what N was doing on Thursday, but he had a lot of fun with his Trunki.  At first I thought he was trying send himself on holiday, but he was actually using it as a boat.  Inventive use for 20 minutes of play!

going on holiday with Trunki

Friday after school and work we went to help set up our local NCT sale venue. By the time we got back and had had tea, N was exhausted.  He also had some mystery spots appearing.  I’m hoping they were viral because they’re not chicken poxy (plus he’s supposedly had that twice), and he’s not had other symptoms for hand, foot and mouth.  I found him asleep in our bed when I went upstairs which usually only happens when he’s feeling a bit off

sleeping boy

Saturday was the day of our NCT branch sale.  I do their social media and webpages, and am on the committee, but even if I wasn’t I’d probably still volunteer to help with the sale. It’s really good fun, plus there’s the possiblity of some good bargains.  Even though N’s now at the top age for the items being sold, I still managed to get him a new pair of trainers, about 8 books, and 3 puzzles which he’s very pleased about.

Banbury NCT nearly new sale

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  1. Fab photos of the sweet shop and candles. The NCT sale looked hectic, well done on organising such an event

  2. His arm does look sore. I’m loving your shop pics this week – so colourful. I help at our NCT sale too, although I think this time will be my last. Time to move on now H is 8 and we have less to sell.

    1. I know what you mean. He just focused on the first thing he saw which was a pack of chocolate coins. Boring!

      The arm’s getting there. It doesn’t hurt and hopefully won’t scar.

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