unusual orange flowers

Project 365 2017 week 2 hot chocolate and reading books

This year feels like it’s been going on a while now, but we’re only in week 2.  The weather’s been miserable and I’ve been relying on my phone camera. That’s if I even remember to take photos.  I was struggling this week to remember which is ridiculous given this is my 4th year!

On Sunday, we had to do N’s reading. He only had 1 book thankfully, but had put it off until Sunday which meant he had to read it all in one go.  He wasn’t impressed and it took ages to finish it.

hiding from reading books

On Monday, N remembered that there was squirty cream in the fridge and that he needed a hot chocolate. So we’ve had them each evening which is a nice treat, and helps warm him up on days he comes home from school in t shirt and shorts and refuses to put on a jumper or trousers. Brrr.

hot chocolate treat

On Tuesday I spotted these unusual flowers in M&S.  I just had to photograph them.

unusual orange flowers

On Wednesday it was more painful reading…N actually chose this book on Heating Food!  It was exciting though because it meant he is now going up to Class 2 to get his reading books because he’s now on level 6/orange. We do have the slight going backwards at the moment though, as he adjusts to the new level and remembers that he can actually still read most of the words in the books.

reference reading books

On Thursday, N made a big thing of bed time. He’s been bringing every soft toy he has downstairs along with his sleeping bag so it’s always a bit of a trek back upstairs with everything.  At the moment he’s sleeping in his sleeping bag with his duvet on top. How he can sleep with all of that on, I don’t know. But it is keeping him in bed for longer (until 6.30ish) so I’m not changing it.

bedtime teddy snuggles

On Friday we woke to a dusting of snow with the sunrise. That’s the amount of snow I don’t mind, and I was pleased that the roads didn’t seem icy either.

sunrise and snow on the farm

On Saturday, it was another beautiful sunrise. N went up to his new swimming level and didn’t do badly, then went out on the shoot to help with beating. So I had the day free for a quick shop, coffee shop stop where I sat and wrote a couple of blog posts, then pottered round the house. Time seems to go so quickly and I still had the feeling that I hadn’t really done anything.

purple sunrise

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    1. Thanks Emma. I thought he’d be in the other swim class until he got rid of the swim belt (after 5.5 years of swimming lessons you’d think he’d be able to swim by now!) but it’s level 3 they have to be able to swim without to move up. Think he’ll be in the class a long time!

    1. I don’t mind Biff and Chip now it’s N reading them. They’re better than most of the other books that have come home. At least they’re a story. I can’t wait to free readers either, although it’s going to be a while.

  1. oooh seeing your photos as reminded me that I forgot to read with Jenson tonight! better get on with that tomorrow after school! Well done to N for moving up a level
    January is a dreary month after the buzz of December and Christmas , and drinking hot chocolate is a great way to battle the January blues. x

    1. It’s always a rush to get the reading in. I had to leave N to do his easier book alone this morning while I was in the shower because he refused to read it over the weekend. We do love hot chocolate, but N will have to have his alone now with me drooling because I’m back on my diet!

    1. He loves it so much. He’s the youngest who goes out, for the whole day (well, after his swimming lesson), and just gets stuck in, picks up the birds with no fuss. It does mean I miss seeing him for the day and have a lonely tea while they go to the pub!

    1. They are funny the way they do it. Yes, N has gone to bed in his onesie before and with a velour type blanket, and we’ve had to strip him off in the middle of the night due to the sweatiness!

  2. Those flowers are unusual, I shall keep an eye out for them, I love a sunrise but seem to always miss them at the moment, I come down in the pitch black and by the time the kids are all sorted i’ve missed it! Kaide never wears his coat or jumper, he is still sleeping with just a duvet cover with no duvet in it, he just seems to always be hot! Eowyn has been having hot chocolate with squirty cream this week.

  3. Lovely sunrise and snow photos. You must be pleased that N has moved up a reading level. It made me laugh about N and his sleeping bag. My younger son sleeps in a onesie, duvet and blanket even when it’s 28 degrees outside! I have no idea how he does it.

  4. January does seems to last forever….It seems such a long time since new year.
    Ahh! We have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate too….hehehe It is perfect for this time of year.
    Those flowers really are unusual…I haven’t seen any like that before….
    Beautiful sunrises x

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