pretty tulips

Project 365 2017 week 10

We’re on to week 10 of Project 365, a photo a day for a year, and this week I’ve been surprised at how many photos I’ve chosen of N. And how many fewer other photos I’ve taken.  What I find is that I take loads on one day, and then very few on other days.

On Sunday, N dragged his sleeping bag downstairs to build a den.  I love this photo – I think he was trying to avoid having his photo taken but just ended up in hysterics.

playing in his sleeping bag

On Monday after school, N decided he was going to change the light box over. But he didn’t know what to write despite my suggestions so it’s now got nothing on it.  I really must get it set up again. It looks empty without anything.

changing over the lightbox

On Tuesday I came downstairs to this box of cornflakes.  I’ve taught N before about opening certeal the proper way but it seems that the ‘make as much message as possible and leave it in a state which can’t be shut up’ method works for N.

opening a cereal box the wrong way

On Wednesday N decided to write and make a book.  He stapled paper together, drew a picture on the front and wrote on about 5 pages. Only a sentence on each page, but he was so proud of it, he had to take it into school to show his teacher.

creating his own little book

On Thursday the washer low warning light came on in my car.  My car has a lot of electrics and extra things in it, so I had to check on in car system to find where the bonnet lever was and where to find the washer bottle. Thankfully it was easy to do. When I do anything on my car (which isn’t much), I always feel smug that I knew how to do it.

changing the washer water for the first time

Friday was tennis again, and after Thursday’s amazing weather, it was drizzly again so we were still in the hall rather than outside.  This week they were working on running between their shots, moving their feet, and then seeing how many they could get in a rally. They also play a game called jailbreak at the end which they all love and N was last man standing having hit every ball, and he had to set them all free from jail which he managed.  N loves tennis – he doesn’t do any fancy, amazing shots like some of the others occasionally pull out of the bag, but he has been consistently connecting with the ball.  He was gutted not to win the player of the week trophy this time after he won jailbreak and got the longest rally.

volley at tennis club

Saturday was surprisingly dry. Unfortunately I seemed to spend the day doing chores – food shopping, swimming lesson, washing, emptying and loading the dishwasher, and everything else that needs doing.  I did finally pick up some flowers, and they’re looking pretty good on the kitchen window sill.

pretty tulips

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  1. I use to absolutely lI’ve writing books like that as a kid. And you are sure it will sell for thousands! #365

  2. Your tulips are beautiful 🙂 I too feel smug when I do anything car related, I think it’s because I’ve never been taught so it is something I’ve managed to do all alone! Well done for tennis, it’s great N loves it. Shame his longest rally didn’t help with player of the week 🙂

    1. My mum taught me basics like oil changing (which I can’t do in this car, the garage have to do it), change a bulb (in simple cars, not like mine!), and washer stuff. That’s about my limit.

  3. the tulips are gorgeous and so bright. Well done on sorting the car, i gave up a long time ago with mine, i don’t even clean it now, if i check the water or oil, my husband just rechecks it anyway to make sure i’ve done it right

    1. I only do basic stuff. The OH is sporadic over what he’ll help with, although he will pump up tyres with the posh pump if needed.

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