Lego card sorting out

Project 365 2017 week 23

It’s week 23 of Project 365.  Despite it being summer the weather has been so up and down, I’ve not been out much during the week to take photos.  Apart from flowers, I’m not finding much inspiration.

The whole instagram engagement thing has put me off a bit – just not feeling like taking photos, and then not having any I want to share. Plus of course, when engagement drops to half, it feels like there’s no point sharing them.  My followers have been going up and down like a yoyo, and I’ve been around the same number for the last 4 weeks which is unheard of.

But I’ve managed to cobble together photos for each day this week – just about.

On Sunday I pottered around at home.  N and his cousin spent some time outside on his quad bike. Finally the helmet has been located and is being worn when riding it.  This was taken through the  (obviously needing a clean) patio doors!

driving the quad bike

On Monday, it was more Horrible Histories. N does watch too much tv for my liking mainly because he wakes so early in the morning before I’m up so I can’t stop him. He’s obsessed with Horrible Histories, so at least it’s educational.

Horrible histories tv show

On Tuesday N actually started putting his cards into his Lego album.  We’ve now only got 15 to get, so we’re on a mission. I put out a call at work, and people have been giving us some of their cards, plus we’ve been doing some swaps. It seems 6 year olds don’t grasp the swapping thing when they take them into school.  One boy has completed his album but won’t give away any of the duplicates he’s been flashing around at school.

Lego card sorting out

On Wednesday I was back at dancing again. Mostly I’m now doing west coast swing on a Tuesday night, but will swap to Ceroc for the monthly freestyles.  They’re always good because the best dancers in the area make the effort to go, and the venue is amazing.

Oxford town hall at night and dancing

On Thursday it was cake heaven at work.  One of my good friends brought in cakes for her birthday and someone else made one for her too.

fruit sponge cake

On Friday, I didn’t take many photos, but when I took N over to the farm to find his dad,  I noticed the yellow roses were out against the barn and had to take a photo. Shame they mostly looked like they were over – already. It feels like they’ve only really just started blooming.

yellow rose bush on the farm

On Saturday it was the normal stuff that had to get done.  For N’s swimming lesson they had a different teacher because theirs was off doing an outdoor competition swim somewhere. The replacement was very good as well, but it was a lot more chattier than normal. It’s amazing how N’s coming on with his front crawl given he’s only lost his swim belt a few weeks ago.  This was breakfast – one of the tastiest is Kelloggs Cornflakes, with berries and really cold milk.

cornflakes and raspberries breakfast
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  1. At least if he watches tv he is leaving you to sleep. sounds well trained by my book. Worse things to be watching.
    I totally agree that at time putting effort into social media is a waste of time.

  2. IG is driving me mad at the moment, but to be fair I don’t have the time to invest on it right now, so I’m just letting it slide! Sounds like another good week, glad N is doing well at swimming. My guys probably watch too much TV too, but I also have early risers, so sometimes not a lot you can do about it!

  3. Lol, maybe I should start doing that. I just wish people would follow because they like the photos rather than just to gain followers. I don’t follow many people back now so I think that’s why my non-spammers unfollow. But so annoying. Although I did have a lovely DM from a random person saying they thought my feed was lovely and how they’d looked a long way back and think it’s lovely I’ve got that history (maybe a bit stalkerish?!).

  4. Love the photo of N and his cousin and the quad. My kids used to love Horrible Histories. So did I, to be honest! I quite miss it.
    I have no idea what my Instagram followers are doing. I guess this indicates I’m not as bothered about it as you! It’s not something I take particularly seriously, I just post pictures as and when.

  5. Monkey loves Horrible Histories too – perfectly placed for boys I think, and he’s absorbed so many facts. One programme I’m happy for him to watch. I’ve decided with IG that I post for me and me alone, and if the engagement is off, it’s off. They’ve totally messed with the format of it, and ruined it #365

    1. At least with FB you can change it to recent. I just wish you could on IG.

      Think we’re doing horrible histories for kids week this year.

  6. Glad the swimming is going well. H probably watches too much TV/internet, but at least N has a lot of time outside helping on the farm too.

  7. I’m with you on the instagram front, i went on a following spree and engagement and ended up losing followers, bloody mad, but i think instagress has been stopped, so a lot of accounts have disappeared also, which may explain things. it’s good you son wants to watch educational programmes, my youngest does 90% of his learning through the tv and you tube as he’s dyslexic and it amazes me how much he actually learns and has knowledge of.

  8. Ugh! I have been struggling to take photo’s….The oomph just isn’t there at the moment but I don’t want to give up on Project 365 because I know when the weather is nicer I have more motivation.
    That quad bile looks so cool. What a lot of fun…
    My girls watch Horrible Histories now and again….I quite like it too. hehehe
    Good luck with the Lego cards…
    That breakfast looks delicious x

    1. I love Horrible Histories too. If only we’d had that when I was a child, I may have known and been more interested in the topic.

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