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Project 365 – photo a day week 49

We’re definitely now into the final stretch of Project 365, and we’ve passed week 49.  I’ve been trying out my new camera, although I’m still waiting on a bag (on my Christmas list), so I’m only really using it at home at the moment.  It means N is probably getting a bit bored of having his photo taken.

But onto this week of photos

Sunday, N and I went to National Trust’s Canons Ashby.  It was a fleeting visit, but I love N in a beanie hat, so I’m pleased that it’s winter again and he’ll be looking cute in them.  He did have a bit of a bruise that day from crashing heads with a friend at nursery a couple of days before.

Canons Ashby post

Monday I struggled a bit with taking photos (or a lack of them), but this was another camera practice one. I love how the new camera is so much better in low light, a saviour in the winter months.  It was a normal evening, N having got back from nursery but still wanting more food!

wiping hands after extra tea

N’s just as big a fan of my nutribullet as I am, and on Tuesday he already had it out of the cupboard before I had chance to get it out.  I can’t eat many greens due to my warfarin, but thought I’d try carrot instead.  I think I’ve found a drink that N won’t drink but he gave it a good attempt.

carrot and apple nutribullet smoothie


Wednesday, my brother popped over to sort out some legal forms.  I think over the last year we’ve become pros at completing HMRC forms – want to know about probate, power of attorney or court of protection forms, we’re your people! Hopefully next year will be a lot less stressful than the last 2.  Now it’s winter, N has been getting out his toys again, so uncle and nephew had to build a suitable track.

wooden railways uncle and nephew

Thursday N’s nursery school had their annual early closing due to the village OAPs having their Christmas lunch.  I took the afternoon off work, and arranged for us to pop over and see a uni friend. We’ve not seen them for a while, but the boys did what young children do, and just got on with playing after they’d got over their initial nerves.  Nothing like sitting down for a nice genteel snack.

snack time with friends

Friday I’d booked a day off work.  I got a bit confused because initially I had planned to do some Christmas shopping, but then realised I’d booked N off nursery and had told him we’d go ice skating.  So we had a morning at Millets Farm checking out their Christmas decorations, doing some ice skating and then catching up on some Christmas card writing. N came and sat with me while I wrote them and practised his letters and colouring for ages. He’s still a long way off, not helped by him thinking he can’t do it, so I’m pleased that he chooses to pick up a pen and try to write of his own accord.

writing practice and pencil control

N loves juice although he’s obviously not that keen on it being watered down because he usually leaves that.  But I turn my back, and he’s snaffled some of mine.  Saturday, I was really lazy about getting up out of bed…nothing like lazy reading while N is off downstairs entertaining himself. By the time I had been down and upstairs like a yoyo getting things he wanted, and then him helping himself to snacks and leftover lunch from our lunch the day before, he must have eaten lots for ‘breakfast’. However I came downstairs, got my own breakfast, and next thing he was getting a whole pepper out of the fridge to have more food.  Needless to say he didn’t have more than a few strips but the photo made me chuckle.  We did jobs in town in the morning, then he had the first of the NCT 4th birthday parties.

a red pepper snack

So it’s another week over and out and onto week 50.  That means I need to get a bit more organised about Christmas!

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