pudding time at evening meal

Meals of the day according to a 3 year old

I’ve been having a lot of amusing discussions with N recently.  They range from the naming convention of Father Christmas vs Santa, and how he thinks Father Christmas is the wrong name because ‘Father Christmas is a boy…to the rights and wrongs of names of meals.  Yes indeed, we have some interesting conversations, usually in the car.

The one that keeps popping up is about meals.  I’m not sure N really grasps that meals involve several different types.  I’ve tried explaining it like families, with families having lots of people in of different types.  So meals are made up of different times of the day we eat and have various meals.

Nope, he’s not having any of that.  I suppose it is a little strange to understand.

It starts off by me mentioning some kind of meals, and N saying ‘no, lunch isn’t a meal. We’re having a sandwich, so that’s lunch’.

‘But lunch is a meal.  Meals are breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper’.

‘No we don’t have meals’.

‘But what’s breakfast then?’

‘Breakfast, like lunch is lunch’  Arghhhh.

N’s also been obsessed recently with going on about whether he wants a hot or cold lunch or tea. It’s all very specific, and mostly irrelevant because he’ll eat whatever’s on his plate.

I’m dreading when we get on to the discussions about whether lunch should be lunch or dinner like the OH always says.

pudding time at evening meal

Do you have similar odd conversations about mealtimes?

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  1. Literally just had this conversation the other day when our eldest was asking for lunch at dinner! Look at your gorgeous boy! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  2. Oh god we have the lunch dinner dinner lunch tea lunch dinner convo all the time! I am trying to make her sound a bit posh by saying lunch. But no-one says that round here so it is futile! SO FRUSTRATING! xxx

    1. To be honest, it’s usually the OH I argue with on that. I’m a lunch person, he says dinner (even though he’s not northern – or Brummy, his lunch isn’t his hot meal of the day etc), and now N’s started calling it dinner. Grr…as for calling a bowl a ‘dish’. Wrong, so wrong.

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