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Project 365 2017 week 5 – illness and cats

It’s week 5 of project 365 and I’ve been really rubbish with the camera.  We’ve not been anywhere for weeks (no day trips or venturing out to even the park), since just after Christmas. I’d been hoping to this weekend but even that’s not happened.  Now N’s swimming is just 30 minutes later, it eats into any time we might have for going out for the morning or even the day. I hate arriving places later than opening, having to queue for parking, being places when it’s really busy. So we missed our chance with the good weather on Saturday.

In terms of photos, it just feels like I’m not seeing much around me. I’m awaiting Spring, I’ve let my dancing instagram account suffer drastically (mostly because it’s really hard to get photos while I’m actually dancing!) and my Bubbablue and me instagram is getting a bit tedious for me because I’m just not finding pretty pictures that make my feed sing.  I’m sure once we get more colour around, and I get more interesting photos of us being out and about, I’ll be a bit more excited about it.

But onto this week’s Project 365.  I had a bit of a headache on Saturday afternoon and then was out in the evening, so I’m a day late with it. I had a bit of CBA going on, but decided if I didn’t do a week this week, it would be more painful doing 2 weeks next time.

On Sunday it was meant to be N’s birthday party.  Unfortunately he was sick twice early in the morning, so he couldn’t go.  The joint Pizza Express pizza making party still went ahead – although it sounds like it wasn’t quite as sold – no games were played to entertain the children, they were left waiting for their pizzas to cook with nothing to do while their party guy went off to deal with other customers and clear other plates, even though he didn’t clear his own. I wish I’d been there because I’d have kicked up a bit of a stink, but hopefully the other mum will write up the issues and we can make a complaint about it.

Instead on Sunday, N spent most of the day under a blanket watching tv. Until the afternoon when he decided we needed to move his bed around. So we had a massive clear out, clearing out 4 bin bags of toys, a bag of dressing up costumes for nursery and putting all the handmedowns in a big bag for my godson when I get round to seeing him.  There’s now a lot more room in N’s room for playing, and we’ve even cleared out the utility room of my old craft storage drawers, so he’s got one in his room for Lego now too.

clearing out a beadroom

On Monday, I had to work from home with N being off school.  Thankfully it seems that it was just a 12 hour thing and he was fine if a little tired.  He’s a bit obsessed with making paper fans (and aeroplanes), and put some together to make a giant fan.

playing with homemade fans

On Tuesday it was back to school, although the OH thought he shouldn’t be because he needed to be off a full 2 days. I was working on the 48 hours rule and he was fine on Tuesday to go back.  He was tired after school though – and not happy that there was homework to do!  It also seems illness spread in the house with the OH feeling rough. Similarly he was over it in 24 hours thankfully, and I’ve avoided it.

bored in front of the tv

On Wednesday it was more school, but on doing his homework N realised that he was so close to completing another line on his reward chart. So this week he’s been doing extra writing of his choice at home to gain more stickers.  4 thank you cards for birthday presents written.

stickers and rewards

On Thursday a colleague was going off for maternity leave. So a group of us went to a pub cafe for lunch.  The food wasn’t great (well, the prices were cheap so I wasn’t really surprised although I did expect it to be edible), but I loved his quirky wine bottle display on the wall.

wine bottle pub display

On Friday lunchtime I nipped into Morrisons as I usually do and spotted the cat who’s already loitering, taking over one of the benches outside.  He’s very friendly and I think he lives in one of the houses the other side of the car park.

cat on the supermarket bench

On Saturday we headed to the tip early – finally the utility room was cleared of all the bin bags from earlier in the week. Usually it’s a real faff at the tip because you have to split all the recycling materials out into the different bins, but apart from a couple of plastic sets of drawers, ours was all mixed  or non-recyclable so it was a quick trip. And going to the tip at 8.15 in the morning is the time to go. Only 1 other person was there, there were no operative workers there (usually they’re a bit overbearing) and we were in and out really quickly, with time to spare before swimming.

dog and boy getting in the car

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  1. Know just how you feel about being out and about. Local walks don’t float my photography boat now and hubby ALWAYS complains about being cold even when it’s mild!!
    Well done N on doing more writing practice to get your reward. x

    1. I don’t do general walking, it has to be with a purpose. I much prefer walking round towns, but we live in the middle of nowhere and the fields just all look the same. Dull. Definitely looking forward to seeing some flowers out there and bluer skies.

  2. Ah, I REALLY need to do a toy clear out, but has to be done when my little girl isn’t there! Hope you continued to avoid illness, and so sorry that N had to miss out on his party.

  3. Hope you continued to avoid the illness. I’m with you on getting places early. I feel I need to get somewhere before 10am on a weekend to avoid crowds, waiting, etc.

  4. Oh I can so relate…we haven’t been anywhere for weeks……and had illness here

    So sorry N missed his party…although the party itself sounds like the staff didn’t do a good job!!

    1. I know. I’d have kicked off if I’d been there, but I don’t think my friend’s written to them, and it’s a bit late now. I asked her to write it up for the blog too – I get so many searches coming to the blog and getting my work pizza making social there I wanted to add the kids version too.

  5. Well done on your clear out – I always say I’m going to do our toys but make the mistake of doing it when the kids are here, then nothing gets thrown out!!
    I really love that massive paper fan. I don’t think I’ve done this with my Little Mister for ages, it’s such a fun thing to do. I’m going to find ourselves some big piece of card!

    1. He did the fan all on his own. We had about 5 small ones lying around the living room that he’d made to ‘sell’ to us, next thing I knew he wanted to make a big one.

  6. so much illness on project 365 this week , glad that your little one bounced back quickly too. such a shame he missed out on his party, but I am sure that can be rearranged. those bottles hanging in the window is very unusual, but I rather like it. lovely that N wants to earn his stickers on his reward chart x

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