When kids go rogue about clothing choices and become fussy about jumpers - Bubbablue and me

From hoodies to crew necks – jumper fussiness

I always said that N was easy with clothes.  He’s never wanted to choose his own clothes when we’re out shopping.  Usually I just buy things I like and I think he’ll wear, and usually there’s no moaning about the clothes I put out for him.

Unfortunately this winter N has turned fussy, in particular about jumpers.

When kids go rogue about clothing choices and become fussy about jumpers - Bubbablue and me

Previously he lived in zip up hoodies. They were his favourites, and quite often he would get those out of the drawer if I’d put out a smarter round neck one for him.  But this year it’s all changed.

Zips and hooded jumpers are out.

Round neck jumpers and crew necks are in. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s sweatshirts, woolly jumpers or fine knit. It has to be round or crew neck.

Especially important is that there’s no cowl neck style. You know the ones which are smarter and have a collar? None of those. He’s had a couple in the past which were really smart (and given that he loves polo shirts you’d think having a collar wouldn’t bother him) but they’re definitely knocked off the list.

So all those current size and next size up hoodies are being stored away or given to charity, and I’ve had to go out and buy a variety of normal jumpers.  Thankfully there have been some quite nice ones around and N hasn’t moaned about any that I’ve produced. Phew.

But the one that’s proved hardest has been sportswear for tennis. Bottom is joggers (or shorts for summer) and then t shirt. I’d bought him a really nice sporty zip up hoody jacket for over the top which looks great and is easy for taking off when he gets hot.  But that’s now been refused with the zip and hood complaint.  So for the past few weeks N’s had to wear his plain navy sweatshirts I bought for school sport.

crews necks jumpers at tennis

It looks fine and he’s not worried about wearing his school sweatshirt because it’s not got any school logos on, but I’d rather keep school wear separately.  So I’m on the lookout for sweatshirts that are suitable for playing tennis in and aren’t big logo’d jumpers and don’t have hoods.  The latter is extremely hard to avoid.

So far, I’ve only spotted one in Primark which is a bit more fashion-y than I’d like, but hopefully is sporty enough. Otherwise, N will be trying to wear his smart normal jumpers to play tennis in.

If you’ve any ideas for sportswear which fits the non-hoody top request, do let me know.  You never know, maybe in the summer, he’ll be back to loving hoodies again and I can rest easy again.

What do your children wear for doing sports?  Where’s the best place to buy from?

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