beautiful fruit Christmas displays at Waddesdon Manor

Project 365 2015 week 49

With  just under 3 weeks until Christmas, we’re nearly winding down with Project 365.  I’m always amazed at how it’s possible to take a photo a day for a year, but with camera phones it really does make life easy…or easier.  There’s always a day when you realise you’re struggling for a photo.  This week wasn’t too bad, I had plenty to choose from.

On Sunday N decided to make a den out of his foam mats, and every blanket, cushion and sleeping bag going.  He doesn’t often suck his thumb anymore, just when he’s snuggling like this.  The next thing we need to think about is getting him to clear up after himself.

Snuggling in his den

On Monday I went out for my usual wander round town at lunchtime.  The gerberas on my favourite flower seller’s stall looked as lovely as always.

gerberas on the flower stall

Tuesday saw N deciding to use some wrapping paper to wrap up a ‘present’. I had said yes to him doing some wrapping, not realising that he’d actually go to the cupboard with my wrapping paper in, and get out the new roll I bought the day before instead of using an old roll.  There’s not much left now, so I wasn’t too impressed.  And of course the sellotape got all tangled up too.

wrapping presents

On Wednesday I realised I needed to get on with making N’s nativity costume.  He’s a villager, so needs a long tunic, belt and tea towel/band combination.  I decided I didn’t want to sew, so I’ve gone for a tabard option, but the women in the independent fabric shop were pretty rude given I was asking for help.  So apart from a belt, N’s costume is made – I do now need to sew though, because I ended up cutting the head hole too big because N refused to let me measure the size I needed.  He’s never worn a belt before so I hope the teachers will help them get dressed – otherwise his tunic will be all over the place.

fabric shop for nativity costume making

On Thursday, N was really tired after school, so settled down to snuggled and watch a bit of tv.  He’s funny with television.  He’s started announcing whose ‘go’ it is for their show.  Funny how he always says it’s his, although after school it does have a tendency to go on for the news.

snuggling after school

On Friday evening, I went out with 4 other Oxfordshire Bloggers for a review meal at Wa! Curry in Oxford.  I’ll be writing my review soon, but it really was delicious.

curry choices at Wa! curry

On Saturday, we went to Waddesdon Manor to see the Christmas displays and the art installation in the grounds.  This was part of one of the Christmas displays in the house.  Quite spectacular and worth booking tickets back in August after I’d missed out last year.

beautiful fruit Christmas displays at Waddesdon Manor

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  1. That curry really was fab, what did you think to the light display outside at Waddesdon? Meant to say on Friday, have you thought about something he could tie like a dressing gown cord rather than a belt? That’s what I did with Monkey’s angel outfit one year.

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