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Project 365 2017 week 11

We’re into week 11 of Project 365, and it’s gone from lovely warm weather to freezing.  A mixed March.  Here’s our week.

On Sunday it was raining in the morning. N asked to go to soft play. On a Sunday in the rain.  Thankfully we got there early when it opened and he enjoyed an hour of play before he was bored and wanted to go home.  An expensive hour, but he enjoyed it and doesn’t go very often, so it was nice to see him tackle the frame at a year older.

empty soft play

On Monday N came home from after school tennis with a temperature.  He’s had a cough since half term – mostly it causes him hassles at night and morning, and then if he gets too excited. He just can’t shake it off. But I wasn’t expecting a temperature.  He told me he’d done cross country club at lunch and then tennis, so it obviously just came on quickly.  He was quite happy to have an icy smoothie to sooth his throat.

drinking smoothies

On Tuesday, N stayed off school. His temperature came back down to normal, although he didn’t sleep which I was hoping he’d do while I worked.  He’s been waking way too early (4.20 and 5.15 anyone?!) and I think he just needs some sleep.  The only photos I took were of the sunset.

March sunset

On Wednesday the sun was shining back through the window again.  I decided to take some more photos of my tulips before they’re too raggedy.  They’ve lasted quite well – a week.

tulips bouquet

On Thursday my Jo Totes camera bag was delivered.  I only ordered it 2 evenings before so I was impressed with the service as well as the bag.  I’m very excited – hopefully it means I’ll take my camera out more day to day rather than just days out.

JoTotes Allison camera bag

Friday whizzed by, and we ended it off at tennis. With the dubious grey, cold, rainy Friday afternoons, the youngest group are still playing indoors in the village hall.  They’re working on rallies and underarm serving which seems to be N’s forte…if only there wasn’t a roof!  He did some great play, got compliments on his warm up circuits and drills, and did some great shots during the serving practice. It seems sods law though, that everytime he has a good week something happens that means he doesn’t get player of the week. This week, the person from last week had managed to break the trophy so none was awarded.

casual at tennis

On Saturday, we made the first trip in a long time to the library in town at N’s request. None of our car parks nearby are free parking, even for 30 minutes, and there’s single yellows and disabled only parking outside the library. So it cost me £1.50 for the 10 minutes it took us to walk there and back, and choose 8 books he wanted.  I’m hoping N asking to go to the library and choosing books, may mean that he’ll be more keen to actually read books that aren’t from school!

carrying books from the library

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  1. Shame about the parking charge to use the library. I hate paying for parking too. We haven’t been to soft play for ages – H seems to have outgrown it.

    1. There’s not a lot of free parking in our town, although I can park at work – the only problem it’s a bit of a walk which isn’t great when you’re just nipping in and out quickly

  2. The camera bag looks very nice and the tulips are beautiful – still waiting for ours to appear. Luckily we can walk to our library but car park costs can be ridiculous.

    1. What our town gets insensed about is the fact that there’s no free car parking evening for 30 mins, and yet the other towns in our district council do get free parking. Very annoying

  3. Gorgeous photo of the tulips. Sounds like N is doing well at tennis, such a shame about the trophy. I’m glad that we can park outside our library, we spend a lot of time there!

  4. So has the reading been going well? That’s such a pain about the parking. It’s made it so much easier for us to visit our library since it’s moved into town. Love the Tulips shot. Will I see your bag on Weds? I’ve bought an insert for my bag which is just fab too #365

    1. Ooh yes, I have packed my bag, hopefully I will remember to use it Thursday although there’s not that much space for gopro and extra accessories, water, purse etc, but it is great for my main camera bit.

      Er, the reading hasn’t happened yet. Maybe tomorrow because we’ve just finished one of the faraway tree books.

  5. I object to paying so much for such a short parking time, most of ours are £1 minimum so only go if I have to. Still cheaper than buying books I suppose.
    Hope he is feeling better.
    One of the problems of light mornings is early risers.

    1. I agree. Usually I’d find free parking further away and walk, or visit the library as part of a shopping trip, but this was literally come and go, we didn’t have time.

  6. Your boy asking to go the library sounds just like mine who is obsessed with books so we go every week. Hope your boy wants to read more too now. #365

  7. Oh goodness, you have to pay for parking to go to the library – that’s awful!

    We are really lucky and can walk, it’s on the school run too so a welcome break to our almost mile walk on the way home from school.

    I LOVE that bag – This year, I’m going to get a camera and will get a lovely bag like that!

  8. sorry to hear N was poorly in the week, looks like he fully recovered for his tennis and library trip, shame the trophy was broken, I hope he can have it next week instead

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