6yo backing in and reversing the quad bike into the garage

Project 365 2017 week 8 – driving and tango

This week I wasn’t really feeling the photos for my Project 365.  The weather was mostly rubbish – I’m so pleased our half term was last week and not this week), and we didn’t really do much. Now the mornings and evenings are lighter, I’m hoping I’ll feel  a bit more inspired over the next  couple of weeks.

On Sunday I watched N reverse his quad bike into the garage.  I couldn’t believe how much control he had given he’s only 6 and there was only a small space in the garage.

6yo backing in and reversing the quad bike into the garage

On Monday it was back to school and work. N had literacy homework for the first time in ages and he was really keen to do it. Three sentences describing what was in the shed.  Supposedly a black dog who was sleeping and some ducks cuddling up to the dog. Sweet.

making up stories for homework

On Tuesday, I’d not taken any photos until my commute home.  It’s great getting home in daylight, and nice to see sunsets again rather than missing them while at work.

sunrise on the commute home

Wednesday was another short on photos day. I did manage to catch this one of N after school.

looking stern

On Thursday evening I was at Warwick Arts Centre to watch an argentine tango show, Tango Fire. I’d seen them (or similar) some years ago, and only bought the ticket earlier in the week.  It was a good show, but while argentine tango usually gives me shivers watching it, it was all a bit cold.  Too much ‘show’ (which it obviously was) vs the closeness and connection between the dancers.  I think because I do a lot of partner dancing, it makes me have really high expectations of how I expect to feel when I watch (or do) dancing.

tango fire applause

On Friday I nipped out at lunchtime to do a quick food shop. I don’t know what it is about Morrisons car park, but it has seriously shocking parking (and drivers in general). I thought I wasn’t going to get back into my car because despite leaving plenty of room next to my door, someone drove in wonkily next to me. He could get out of his space, but the rear of his car was so close to the front of mine.  Luckily I could just about squeeze in pushing my door against his car.  Then once I got in I noticed the 2 cars in front of me. Shocking.  It always seems to be people driving into spaces who’re parked skew whiff.  But the Audi was half out of the space as well.  Maybe I need to drive round with post it notes, to write to bad parkers and suggest reversing in.

badly parked cars

Not many photos on Saturday either, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this baby pepper inside a pepper. N was astounded when he saw it.  Shame the pepper wasn’t very sweet either, because it wasn’t that red.

baby pepper in a pepper

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  1. love your sons drawing and his description of what is in the shed. Have you checked the shed? you never know…lol. I hate bad parkers, i’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve been tempted to swing my door into theirs as i carefully climb through the narrow gap to get into my seat, the other week, my husband couldn’t get in his car, so i had to crawl through the boot to reverse it out the space for him

    1. Yes, they are nice and wide. Most new shopping centre car parks are good, it’s council ones that seem shocking. But Morrisons is full of old people so not surprising to see parking like that

    1. Bad parking drives me mad. Just ruins the day when you’re stressed about something. I decided I’ll just have to park as far away as possible. But you just know that even if the car park is empty, there’ll be one person who’ll come and park next to you anyway

  2. Wow, that parking really is very bad! Love the sunset photo and very impressed with N backing his quad into the garage. Maybe he needs to go and assist some of the drivers in Morrisons car park?!

  3. Wow, to be riding a quad bike and with such control. You can tell he’s a farmer boy!
    It is good getting home from work when there’s still some daylight. Spring really is just around the corner!
    As for the pepper inside a pepper…strange!

  4. Amazing work with the quad bike. I know adults who couldn’t do that! Shame about the tango show. #365

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