catkins - signs of spring

Project 365 2015 – week 9

It’s week 9 of Project 365, and the days are getting longer.  Yay.  That in itself is confusing N, so we have lots of conversations trying to explain that we can eat tea when it’s not dark!  So we’ve been getting outside a bit more, if only staying round the farm and local.

Sunday, we went for a scooter and bike ride round the park in town, and I spotted the catkins out.

catkins - signs of spring

This week’s had a lot of Lego going on.  We got sent some to review, so we had to build the first set on Monday. N does really well with the building side…the looking out for the correct pieces isn’t his forte.

looking at lego instructions

Tuesday was a bit of a loony evening.  N and his dad decided to build a den in the corner of the living room, so I grabbed a few photos of them mucking around.  The photos weren’t great because of the light and distance using my phone, but I just love N’s cheeky face in this.

mucking around with dad

Wednesday was an evening of paper crafting.  N always comes home from nursery with tonnes of paper, and maybe one squiggle on each page.  So I started making some paper goodies for N to play with.  Hours of fun.

paper fun

Thursday I had to get a photo of N’s new shirt for Trendy Tot Thursday, but he wouldn’t give up playing with the paper bits from the day before.  A few days later and they’ve got a few more bits of colouring on them, and are still intact.

paper folding and cutting

Fridays are the only day that I pick N up at 3pm from nursery.  It means he’s just in time to catch the men having tea break before going out with his dad for a bit.  But yesterday, we missed them going out so I had to trudge (still in my decent shoes) down to the yard to catch his dad before he drove off in the tractor.  Needless to say the calves all came to see us.


cows on the farm

Saturday and N had a birthday party to go to, of one of his nursery friends.  The party was at the business park down the road from us on a farm site, in one of the units.  The kids had a great time, and when a real tractor was brought over for them to have a sit on.  I’m not sure N was that excited given it was the same as one of the tractors at home, but he did have a couple of sits on it later.  And I really enjoyed meeting several of the nursery mums.  Usually you just know the children, so it’s nice to get to know another of the mums of a child that’ll likely go to the same school as N.

party tractor rides

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    1. I ended up carrying the bike while he used my scooter. Today was better because he just took out my scooter, and then was happy to run alongside while I had a go.

  1. I’d seen a few catkins out but yesterday I went into the garden and our neighbours tree is suddenly full of them – I’m sure they appeared overnight! Roll on spring….

    1. Well, it was on the business park really, which is owned by the farmers. It was a tad muddy walking to the unit, and a bit muddy. But nice to have the tractor come

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