water dunking

Project 365 2017 week 25 – garden bubbles

It’s week 25 of Project 365 and we’re thankfully over the heatwave. Nearly a week’s worth of 30C heat, and I was happiest being in work with the air conditioning.  Here’s this week’s photos.

On Sunday it was garden bubbles getting the bubble machine out.  N was intrigued with the mechanism and decided he was going to catch the bubbles. It didn’t work that well but it didn’t put him off.

bubble experiments

On Monday I arrived home from work, then N turned up with 2 of his cousins in tow.  They were so hot, they decided that the paddling pool was calling them. They ended up sitting in the pool fully clothed, then proceeded to have a water fight. Sod the water pistol, they went with the bucket and tub option. Let’s just say they were a little wet and there wasn’t much water left in the paddling pool by the end of it.

water dunking

On Tuesday I harvested a few of my radishes.  They looked great, but after a day in the fridge they were shrivelled and tiny. So I’m not sure how to solve that other than eating 25 radishes in one go as soon as they’re harvested.

homegrown radishes

On Wednesday it was the hottest day for years, but we woke up to mist. It burnt off pretty quickly.

cows in the mist

On Thursday it was another blue sky day. In the evening we heard and spotted this electricity helicopter going over. It was out checking the lines.

electricity helicopter

On Friday it was N’s sports day.  His year have so many boys in they have to have 2 races. I’m not sure how they’re split, but N’s race is always with the 4 fastest boys in the year, so he know he’s never going to get on the podium. But there’s no tears, he’s happy enough doing how he does.  It turns out though, that he has a really good shaped head for balancing a quoit while all the others were dropping theirs everywhere.

quoit balancing at sports day

On Saturday, we picked up a big bubble maker. He used up half the solution, then chased the bubbles he’d made around the garden. Before chucking the wand at a bubble….and straight over into the lodgers’ gardening. Luckily they did throw it back over the same day.

chasing bubbles
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  1. I hope the weather cooled down in time for sports day, I’ve been tempted many times to get in the paddling pool this week, but there have been too many small children in it and there’s probably more pee in it than water now

  2. That is a large bubble stick.
    The water fight even fully clothed sounds like fun, they would have dried off fairly quickly.
    We had a few misty mornings as well this week

    1. Hmm, they didn’t dry off. They were wringable out clothes. Even the next day N’s were still wet. Good job we had a second set of PE kit to go into school

  3. Catching bubbles looks like great fun!
    That looks like a fantastic water fight…..Water pistols are overrated!
    It looks like you have had gorgeous weather…Ours has been pretty rubbish since mid week.

    1. Good job because we can’t find where the OH put the water gun again. I was surprised we had another warm sunny day today. Much more realistic weather though at about 25 degrees

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