Blogging traits - weird work of bloggers - Bubbablue and me

Blogging traits – the weird blog world

Some people start blogging and they might already have got involved on Twitter or Instagram, or follow other bloggers and so understand more about what being a blogger is about. But when I started I knew no bloggers and apart from vaguely being on twitter (ie I set up an account years ago), I had no idea.

But 5 (or is it 6) years in, blogging has definitely changed me – I’m now a night owl for example. And that’s pretty reflective of a lot of bloggers. If you ask around, there’s so many blogging traits that the parenting blogging community has – and probably why so many of us get on so well. If you’re not a blogger and see many of these habits in yourself, maybe you need to start blogging too!

*These traits aren’t from any scientific study, just what I notice from conversations and reading blogs.

Blogging traits - weird work of bloggers - Bubbablue and me

Blogging traits

1, Bloggers tend to be nocturnal

This isn’t generally through choice, but is forced, especially if they have a full time job and family. The only time to blog is when babies nap during the day, kids are at school or nursery, or when they’re all in bed.

2, Bloggers love stationery

Planners, notebooks, pretty post it notes, cool pens. Whenever someone posts a photo on their Instagram or shares a blog post, we all go a bit doolally about stationery.

3, Bloggers are easily addicted

Obviously they love their blogs, but they get caught up in all manner of social media, they get palpatations when phone signal is poor or wifi is down and can’t chat to other bloggers on twitter or facebook about blogging. And the addictions continue into favoured shoes (Saltwater sandals), stationery (any, see point 2 above), children’s clothing etc. That’s why when a few discover a certain brilliant brand, bloggers get on board and you see it everywhere.

4, Bloggers love photography equipment

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Obviously for many bloggers, photography plays a big part in their blogs. But even those who weren’t ever into photography, get to realise that good photography helps your blog look professional and stand out. So there’s lots of talk about who has what equipment, what’s good for vlogging, phones vs cameras, lighting and more. Even if they don’t need it (because if you take good photos with a phone, most people could just use their phones for their photography), bloggers have at least one item of photography equipment (affiliate link) on their wish lists.

5, Bloggers are great at multi-tasking

You can’t blog and not be able to juggle. Bloggers write, photograph, copy edit, edit pictures, use a variety of social media, promote, network, budget, negotiate, do PR, do SEO, juggle blogging with work and family life and more. Obviously you can blog and just write, but your blog will be unlikely to be read without much of the other as well.

6, Bloggers love to talk

Out loud or on the page. Even the shy bloggers, have to at some point come out of their shell and be part of the community to make themselves heard. If you could hear the volume at a blogging conference when everyone’s sat at lunch and chatting away, it’s proof they like to talk.

7, Bloggers prioritise their blogs over most non-family things

Housework – non essential. Green fingers – unlikely. Confident baker – only if you’re a food blogger. It feels like the majority of bloggers struggle (or claim to struggle) with many of these. But they are triers, and give them a PR campaign to promote and they’ll certainly give these activities a go in the hope of learning something new.

8, Bloggers love a challenge

When going into blogging you rarely know how much there is to learn. But give it time and bloggers lap up information in order to improve their blogs. Over the years I’ve paid for courses and done free ones in a variety of subjects, all with some link to my blog. It means bloggers are permanently upskilling – and if they work, their employers are reaping the benefits if they make the most of their skills.

Similarly, bloggers get invited to lots of different events, many to try places or activities they’ve never done before. Give a blogger a challenge and they’re usually up for trying it.

9, Bloggers aren’t stupid

People who don’t understand blogging, and even those who do, may wonder why bloggers do it. Especially when bloggers give up normal jobs and become full time bloggers making a living from it. 70% of bloggers have been to college, the majority are graduates. Bloggers come from different backgrounds, some may have had city jobs, many have degrees and other qualifications, some have been teachers, nurses, accountants, marketers, project managers or simply stay at home mums. They’re not just people who sit behind a computer screen and spend all their time on social media.

They plan out their work, write to gain skills and give themselves a voice, some campaign for charities and to give others a voice, others do it to get a step up on the career ladder. Some might be new and naïve, but people wanting to work with bloggers should give them respect for what they do. Because they generally do it all themselves and have built their blogs from nothing and with no knowledge about blogging and the social media industry.

10, Bloggers can get easily distracted

Wouldn’t you, if you had thousands of people online to talk to. It’s hard to keep focused when there’s so many jobs to do each day if you want your blog to be successful.

11, Bloggers love what they do

So many people start blogs for many reasons. But it’s been reported in the past that 95% of them get abandoned.  It’s too hard, people don’t make the money from them they hope, takes too much time, no-one reads them. If a blogger isn’t passionate about their writing and their blog, then they’ll find it hard to continue. So bloggers who continue past a year, really love their blogs. Yes, they might lose their mojo, or change direction, but those that stick it, love blogging and want you to love their blogs too. They want feedback and want interaction because while they might be writing as a family journal, they also want their blogs to be successful.

So if you’re a blog reader and want to say thanks to bloggers for giving you tips, hints, a look at life or just a laugh, then leave a comment or hit that like button and make their day.

If you think you want to start a blog, then do it. Pick a topic you love and write about it. Then share it with the world.

If you’re a blogger, how many of these traits do you have? What would you add?

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  1. Love this! I was nodding along to everything you were saying. I can totally understand that 95% are given up, they are hard work, but they are also such great fun. #sharingthebloglove

  2. Love this and all so so true!!!! It’s definitely a unique community and I love how many friends you make along the way. I’m sure I’ve been reading your blog for at least 5 years now and feel like I know you!

    1. It is nice to find blogs at a similar stage and get to know people isn’t it. Plus I’m really nosy so like to see what other people get up to.

    1. Thanks Jaki. Makes you wonder whether blogging changes people that much, or whether the traits are there bubbling away before we start blogging!

  3. I never paid too much too much attention to taking photos and now I try my best to consider angles and lighting! I also have a degree and prior to blogging didn’t take much interest in social media – I do love my blog 😉 x

  4. It doesn’t surprise me in a way that 95% get abandoned, especially when people think it will pay them well for not doing much. Thankfully mine is just for fun but if my husband allowed me to, I probably would be blogging til the early hours cos I love it so much!

    1. I am that person who stays up. I wouldn’t get anything done otherwise – but my OH moans I snore and then he can’t sleep so it does mean he can get to sleep. I do need to cut down the time I spend on mine though! It is addictive isn’t it. It’s like another baby

  5. OMG yes to all of this! I love stationary and am so easily distracted. It drives Hubby mad! I can bake though but then part of my blog is about baking so that fits with your food writer theory 😉
    This is a brilliant post! #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Some of this is true about me. I’m not keen on photography equipment though. Mainly because I don’t have a clue how to use it!

  7. Love this list Emma and would agree with most of the things you’ve mentioned here. I definitely do most of my blogging in the evening and the housework certainly suffers as a result of the blog. Given the choice between housework and blogging, I go for blogging more often than not! So true that you really have to love blogging to keep at it – it is hard work at times for little reward but I love it! 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  8. I love this post Emma! I was reading it and nodding along. Blogging is so addictive and I can’t imagine it not being in my life. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  9. Haha yep! All of these things! Bloggers love stationery is me all over, I am obsessed with it – my addictive personality! Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

  10. Great list, I think I tick every box. I still take all my photos on my phone but I do have a few photography books (really must read them but there is never enough time) and I would love a proper camera x

    1. I love phones for photos. But reading books or doing courses – maybe that’s another blogger thing, buying them then never finishing. I’ve got about 4 courses I started and haven’t finished yet. Nightmare!

  11. Yep! great list – tough my husband is forcing me to close my laptop when it’s too late 😮 – i love my photo equipment and am always on the look out something ‘new’ – #SharingtheBlogLove

  12. Yes I agree with ALL of these (*pat myself on the back for being a “proper” blogger!* lol). Each point made me smile as I saw myself in it! Hehe. It’s amazing to think that 95% of blogs are abandoned – mine is 14mths old and I just can’t imagine life without it anymore! Brilliant post! #sharingthebloglove

    1. Lol. It’s amazing isn’t it. I know I stopped my first one because I no longer had time to craft anymore, and I’m slack on my second blog – I only post twice every 3 weeks usually. It definitely shows you really have to be passionate about the topic or the reason you write to make it an ongoing project

    1. yes, I thought it was a really interesting read about the stats. I suppose people need some confidence in putting pen to paper as such

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