Summer of fun family bucket list - Bubbablue and me
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Summer fun bucket list for kids and families

Summer holidays are a bit of a mish mash for us, what with work and harvest.  The OH never informs me in advance of his plans so knowing when he can have N with him at work and when I need to sort out holiday club is always a mystery.  I think this year I may have 3 weeks of holidays off work, and potentially a couple of days of flexi-leave if I can manage the days I’m working well.  Then the rest either N will have to be with his dad on the farm or at holiday club.

Summer of fun family bucket list - Bubbablue and me

I always like to get out and about in school holidays to make the most of the free time, and to get N to experience something other than the farm. Otherwise he’d spend 10 hours a day happily traipsing after his dad.

As well as a week camping with friends, and another few days away somewhere, we tend to do a lot of day trips and trips to the park.  We also try and meet up with friends we rarely get to see during the school year.  But there’s always room to try new activities and places, so I’ve pulled together a summer  of fun bucket list of activities.

I’ve split my summer fun family bucket list into:

1,       home and garden – for activities around the house

2,       rainy day – for when you want to stay indoors

3,       staycation ideas – for local activities

4,       further afield – days out and heading off for a few days holidays

I’ve included indoor and outdoor activities, activities for families, friends and children alone, retro games and contemporary ideas. Most of the fun activities are good for any age or can be adapted according to age.

printable summer bucket list

Download the summer of fun bucket list printable for children (and the whole family).

Do you have a bucket list for summer?  What’s on your list and what would you add to this one?

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