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Oxford Beach fun

It’s not often we get to go to the beach living in the middle of the country, almost as far from the seaside as possible.  But this summer, the Oxford beach was set up at Oxford Castle.

We met up with one of my good friends (almost halfway) the other day in Oxford. Generally I find Oxford doesn’t really have much for toddlers (obviously the open spaces are great, but if the weather’s bad you’re limited), so I was hoping for dry weather so he could have a chance to run around inbetween a spot of shopping and lunch for us girls.

The weather wasn’t the best, but it was dry, so after a bus ride in (one of N’s favourite things as going to Oxford is the only time we use the bus).

The beach was almost like a beach volleyball court in size, including a net, surrounded by deckchairs, and set amongst the restaurants and bars.  Due to the weather , there were only a few people around, so N had a great time.

Oxford beach play
sand castles
Bashed my sand castles
beach oxford
beach oxford
Made a friend, they spent a while chasing each other round

He really took to my friend, who he’s not seen since just before Christmas.  Initially I think he was a bit confused as she has the same name as his room leader at nursery, so thought he would be seeing her.  But I think it was a nice surprise as he was happy straight away playing in the sand with her.

pizza express eating crudites

We had Pizza Express for lunch (sod the diet for one day), and he was really well behaved.  Needless to say there wasn’t a lot left on his plates by the end of the meal.  However, I’m not sure how, but when he got up so I could change his nappy, his shorts (beige) were soaking wet.  He’d not spilt his water on the table, so it was a mystery how his chair was wet.

You’d think there was an obvious solution…toilets, hand dryers.  But N hates hand dryers.  So much so that he usually tries to pull me away from entering.  Strangely though, he seems to not mind (quite so much) the Dyson ones which meant he would actually go into the toilets.  Another lady offered to dry the shorts off a bit while I held N round the corner, then once she went, he was happy to stand on the floor near the dryer. Hopefully we’re turning a corner, and he’s not going to be too scared in the future of them after finding it funny that his shorts were being dried in one.

He was so tired after quite a long day, so back in the buggy and a brisk walk up towards the university parks…he was asleep before we reached them though, so missed a chance to run round there.  It was a great visit with lots of reminiscing back to when we used to live in Oxford.

asleep in his buggy

If you’re after proper beaches, check out my recommendations for great beaches and seaside towns around the UK

Have you seen beaches in random non-seaside-y places this summer?

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  1. oh bless him, what a crazy but fun idea, a beach in the middle of a shopping area x

  2. How exciting! We’ve not really seen much seaside action by the sea or not this year!

    PS love his coat!

    1. Thanks, Next. Please with it as haven’t seen any other children in the same coat. (got this season’s version for him for next year – bright orange!)

    1. It was great – am really pleased we managed to get there. The photos on facebook of the night time activities look fun as well. I think they had some world champion volleyballers play there too.

    1. It was a bit weird as I think it’s being ‘owned’ by the pub/bar cafe next to it, but they’re running lots of activities on it. The only other one I know near us is Milton Keynes, but that’s odd because it’s inside!

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