Staying dry in summer showers with Trespass waterproof jackets

Being on a farm, and also getting out and about so much, I find I really struggle with finding suitable clothing.  I have to admit that on the farm I just bumble around in whatever because I’m usually just escorting N around the yard or driving vehicles if we’re moving livestock.

But getting out and about usually means having to take a jacket in case of the British weather changing while we’re out.  My coats tend to be winter oriented, or just thin cotton jackets, so mostly I leave them behind in the car and risk it.  N has a brilliant packaway jacket, so when I was asked to review a Trespass waterproof jacket, I knew what I’d be searching for.

Although I’ve come across the brand Trespass before, I don’t think I’d ever been in one of the shops or on the online store.  There’s certainly a lot more choice than I expected, and I loved the colourful waterproof and windproof jackets that caught my eye.  For practicality and in preparation for our summer days out (and upcoming camping trip), I decided on the Nessy packaway waterproof jacket that could be easily packed away in its own bag.  Great for taking out and about without taking up precious room in a backpack.

Photo credit: Trespass
Photo credit: Trespass

When the jacket arrived I was really pleased with the pattern and shape.   I think the sizing came up a bit small, but I do need to lose quite a bit of weight so in a few weeks it’ll fit absolutely perfectly.  The purply checks are colourful enough to make it stand out amongst a crowd of plain coloured jackets without being garish.

Trying out Trespass waterproof jackets - Bubbablueandme

It’s very me, and goes perfectly with all my plain (predominantly navy or black) jeans or trousers.  There’s a reasonable sized hood, and the bottom hem is shaped with the back being a little longer than the front.

Nessy womens waterproof jacket from Trespass

The pockets are just about large enough to put my phone in and my compact camera, and there are zips for security.  It has those little touches like the drawstrings by the hood which you don’t always get with packaway jackets.

The beauty of course is in the size of it once rolled or folded up.  In fact the bag that comes with it could probably get away with being a bit smaller – although maybe that’s just me with my tight clothes rolling habits!  On our recent day trip to London, N and I both packed our jackets and they hardly took up any room in my rucksack.  The jacket is so light you almost feel like you’re not wearing it.  Perfect for carrying with you just in case of rain.

nessy packaway jacket sizing - Trespass

In London we did get rained on so the jacket was whipped out of my bag, quickly unpacked and put on.  With the jacket being waterproof to 3000mm it  kept me dry from splashes coming up from the cars as we walked past them.  The jacket zips and has a placket over the top of the zip to help prevent rain getting through.

Trespass jacket
The packaway jacket duo

My only issue as with all packaway style jackets or lightweight cagoules is the rubbery pu lining.  I appreciate this is likely to be the wind and water proofing, but it does make a jacket hot if you’re the type of person like me to get easily overheated.  Other than the lining, the jacket is certainly light enough for summer.  I’ll be packing it for me camping trip, and for day trips in my rucksack.

To top it off, my jacket is currently on sale for £20.99, down from £79.99.  The prices of Trespass products are great value for money, including free postage with spends over £40.  I’ll be looking them up again when N and I need more outdoor gear.


Disclosure: I was sent a jacket for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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