I’m a huge rom com fan – unfortunate when the OH’s favourite films are old westerns, war movies and fighting/action films.  But I got a treat when I was sent the new DVD release of Mother’s Day to review.

Directed by Gary Marshall, Mother’s Day has a stellar cast including Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson, plus the gorgeous (even if he does have a beard) Jason Sudeikis. The movie explores what motherhood means to eat woman in their different situations as well as their relationships with partners and families, all as mother’s day approaches.

mother's day dvd

As well as the laugh out loud moments – in particular I love Jennifer Aniston’s comic timing – there’s the expected poignant moments where it makes you reflect on things in your own life.

I really enjoyed Mother’s Day and I was lucky enough to watch it all in one go, in peace while N was out on the farm with his dad.  So I didn’t have to explain why I was crying at the end…I’m such a wuss when watching films whether it’s happy or sad (I blame watching International Velvet as a child).

You can download or buy it on DVD or Blueray from 3rd October.  Alternatively, why not enter to win one of three copies of the DVD.  Just answer the question ‘What’s your favourite rom com and why?’ in the comments, then enter via the rafflecopter to confirm your entry. There are additional bonus entry options.

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Disclosure: I was sent a Mother’s Day dvd for the purpose of review.




  2. alison clark

    My fave movie of all time is Pretty woman – I love Julia Roberts , I just wish they would make it in to a west end show. My mums fave is Bridget Jones Diary – Im hoping to get her the new movie for her birthday.

  3. jackie rushton

    Pretty woman – Because I love Julia Robert’s character’s transformation

  4. Julie Camm

    I really enjoy “Love Actually” , all the little stories in it are lovely

  5. Caroline Blaza

    I love Notting Hill. Such a cool story and I really like Julia Roberts.

  6. becki gates

    50 first dates, its the perfect amount of funny, mushy and sad

  7. Adrian Bold

    Love Actually because it’s got a great cast and is just an uplifting film.

  8. stacey kavanah

    love actually as i can watch it over and over again without getting board

  9. Joanna Kasznicki

    Love Actually as its got a fab cast abd makes me christmassy

  10. Maria Messruther

    50 First Dates has to be my ultimate rom com favourite different to the usual run of the mill films. He changes his womanising ways, wins her family and friends trust and keeps getting her to fall in love with him every day. After they split up and he gets the cd from her dad and goes to see Lucy in the hospital and though she cant remember him shes been dreaming about him every night pulls on the heart strings and the video Henry makes for Lucy to wake up to every morning make makes you go awwwww. Love it!!

  11. Gemma Holland

    I loved Notting Hill. Perfect balance of funny & romantic

  12. lucy knight

    Gosh there is so many fab rom coms but one of my favs is Forgetting Sarah marshall.x

  13. sharon martin

    i like quite a few but my favourite are bridget jones film so much fun to watch

  14. Catherine Booker

    I have only recently watched the Bridget Jones films and absolutely adored them…but my all time favourite is Sweet Home Alabama, such a feel good film, always makes me feel better, and the soundtrack…love it! 🙂

  15. Victoria Prince

    Love Actually because it’s got a great cast and is just an enjoyable film 🙂

  16. Dave Wills

    Its seems a populat choice..but Four weddings and a funeral !

  17. Jill Fairbanks

    Bridget Jones diary it’s a classic and humorous

  18. Catherine Lett

    I love Pretty woman, its my fave film

  19. Kirsty Fox

    Love Actually it just makes me feel happy

  20. Karen Dixon

    Pretty Woman, A classic that leaves you with hope

  21. Dale Dow

    How to lose a guy in 10 days, my husband says she is so me!

  22. Rachael Donovan

    How to lose a guy in ten days – makes me giggle and heart melt at the same time love it!

  23. Angela Kelly

    I love Love Actually, it’s perfection!

  24. Victoria B

    Never Been Kissed – like it because the not so cool girl gets the guy

  25. Michaela Smith

    I love you’ve got mail! it’s like a big box of chocolates ! So sweet and charming and a joy to watch 🙂

  26. Natalie White

    I really love Life as We Know It! It’s so cute and laugh out loud funny 🙂

  27. natalee gosiewski

    pretty woman because no matter how many times i watch it i never get sick of seeing it

  28. Wendy Guy

    Pretty Woman is my favourite. It’s such a beautiful love story.

  29. Jenny Prest

    Sleepless in Seattle – its a classic! 🙂

  30. Charmian Filewood

    Pretty Woman, one of the originals, has it all laughs, tears and shopping!!!

  31. Leanne bell

    Notting Hill, still has me in stitches after all of this time xx

  32. Lisa Pond

    The Holiday gets me every time, so heart warming and makes you appreciate Great Britain 🙂

  33. Lauren Old

    Love, Rosie because the characters are great and the story is really fun

  34. Maxine Feehely

    4 Weddings and a funeral – Hugh Grant at his best

  35. Laura Harrison

    Bridget Jones Diary, such a funny film xx

  36. Amanda Norwood

    Love Actually because I really enjoyed all the different character’s stories and how they interlinked

  37. Lynne Durkin

    Pretty Woman, watched it so many times but always find it entertaining. Love the transformation and how she proves herself to be just as good as everyone else x

  38. Emma Ellams

    Notting Hill. I love how it makes me feel like a star will fall for a normal person…Ronan Keating will want me one day!!

  39. Dianne Simpson

    Love Actually without a doubt. It is the only film my partner has taken me to see in the cinema and he bought it for as a Christmas present the year after we saw it. Now everytime it is on tv we watch and also every Christmas we get the dvd out. I just love Bill Nighy in it.

  40. Rachel Butterworth

    The Wedding Singer because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Adam Sandler at his best (you know, before all those horrible film as like Jack and Jill).

  41. Love Actually. I love how all the stories link together

  42. Sophie Lockley

    Pretty Woman – ALWAYS (because it has the right mix of love, angst, and comedy)!

  43. Allan Wilson

    Love Actually – just such a clever film.

  44. Carly Belsey

    I absolutely love PS I love you. It’s a great story and I absolutely love Gerrard Butler so that helps 🙂

  45. Joanna Ford

    I love Wimbledon as I am a big tennis fan and it is so heart warming!

  46. Kim Styles

    The holiday I have watched it about 30 times- Jude Law is gorgeous

  47. I love rom coms so choosing my favourite would result in too much deliberation, so I’m going to go with my top 5!

    Bridget Jones’ Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 27 Dresses and About Time

  48. Tracey Mitchell

    It has to be Angelas Ashes its so good and I believe based on a true story.

  49. claire woods

    4 weddings and a funeral, as it’s funny.

  50. claire woods

    4 weddings and a funeral – it’s funny.

  51. It’s Notting Hill – I even took my daughter to London (180 miles away) to look for the green door and found it although it wasn’t green.

  52. Sarah Walford

    Wimbledon, I love it, such a feel good film and set in the summer so it looks lovely. Makes me feel all summery

  53. carole n

    loved watching four weddings and a funeral. – a great classic of its time

  54. James Harris

    You, Me and Dupree is my favourite rom com, because it’s really funny.

  55. Sarah Hughes

    Just married is my favourite. I love their arguments!



  57. Alison Johnson

    I love Notting Hill because it a true romcom. Hugh Grant & his mates are funny then Julia Roberts as his star love interest is perfect. Upsy Daisy anyone?

  58. Charlotte Burford

    My Best Friends Wedding is my Fav, anything with Julia Roberts I know I’ll enjoy, just LOVE Mystic Pizza as well

  59. Denise Cross

    Notting Hill – it always makes me smile

  60. Michelle Hollingsbee

    Has to be Love Actually, a true classic for me.

  61. Maria Dhillon

    There are so many to choose my all time favourite would have to be PS I Love You and it has Gerard Butler (only for a short time but it’s still good enough for me)

  62. Christina Palmer

    Notting Hill as it’s so funny and touching

  63. Clare Hubbard

    I love serendipity, just love the idea that fate brings people together

  64. Nicola S

    Love Actually. The first movie I saw with my husband. Extra special!

  65. vicky brown

    I love The Wedding Planner… just a feel good classic, and not too predictable

  66. janine atkin

    i love Notting hill, so many funny bits

  67. lorraine polley

    while you were sleeping, a great film with sandra bullock and the lovely bill pullman, real feel good movie

  68. Hannah Igoe

    You can’t beat the vow such a great film

  69. Christine Lockley

    Love Actually – lots of fab little stories, great Christmassy feel (although I watch it all year round) and it stars Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson

  70. Katie skeoch

    The Holiday with Kate winslet & Cameron Diaz. It’s a great film without being too soppy!

  71. abigail edkins

    Ive got to say love actually, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and gets me all lovey dovey with my other half…that doesnt happen often lol

  72. Chrissie Curtis

    Mine is The Holiday! I Just love it.. and it has a Christmas feel but can still be watched all year round!

  73. Paula Readings

    Mine is Legally Blonde, think it is so funny.


    Maid In Manhattan because wife loves it

  75. Michelle smith

    Notting hill because it’s such a great film

  76. Michelle Ferguson

    I love love actually, always makes me laugh and makes me feel all Christmassy

  77. Laura Banks

    four Christmases it always makes me laugh out loud

  78. lucy higgins

    I love notting hill as its so funny and I love julia roberts, shes a great actress

  79. Sarah Hanson

    Love actually, it’s romantic and Christmassy

  80. Lauren Tourle

    I love 27 dresses because it has lots of weddings in and i love watching them 🙂

  81. Mine has to be Bridget Jones (any one of the three)

  82. Warren Jacobs

    Splash, with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah

  83. Rachel Craig

    Pretty Woman. Nice title, great outfits, some humour. A bit of Rags to Riches story, reminds us of Pygmalion. I suppose it shows that good looks can be valuable and allow Social Inclusion, Social Climbing etc. Though what would be nice is acceptance, support, sharing, Caring. As she is excluded by individuals :- Shop Sales Staff at Expensive Boutique. As well as looked down upon by Hotel Manager. Yet it has likely been the inequalities of life that has impacted on her, placing her in the poor situation that she is.

    Yet she is loved, and becomes more loveable as she begins to fit in by wearing good quality clothing :- looking the part etc.

    Julia Roberts is a good actress.

  84. Tony Metcalfe

    Four Weddings and a Funeral, well written, very funny, sad moments too. Everything you need in a romcom.

  85. Spencer Broadley

    I like 4 weddings and a funeral – it is funny and well made

  86. Kellie Steed

    i have to be honest, I’m not your typical rom com girl! I do try and avoid most of them at all costs, but I watch anything that has Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Aniston in them and as they both do a shedload of rom coms, I have to go against my beliefs! Lol So I would say The Wedding Singer, as it’s funny and reminds me of when I was little. Which was when the movie came out and not when it was set ( I wish)

  87. Angie McDonald

    Along Came Polly is my absolute favourite rom com! I love both Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston!

  88. Alison Macdonald

    Love Actually – lots of little different storylines running through! Love watching it at Christmas x

  89. Amelie; slightly offbeat but good for it all the same, and entertaining without being too demanding

  90. Tracey Peach

    I love Maid In Manhattan because it’s the underdog winning the man for a change 🙂

    • Rachel Craig

      I suppose it has a nice message, nice story. As why shouldn’t the nice person, hard working individual have happiness, health and wealth.

  91. Katrina Fox

    My favourite rom-com actually stars Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston and is called ‘we’re the Millers’. The film is hilarious, as are the outtakes!

  92. Hayley F

    The holiday. It makes me feel all christmassy x

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