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Pop Goes Your Name – children’s personalised cd

I’ve shared in the past how N is a bit of a rock child, in that he loves watching and dancing along to AC/DC.  We don’t generally listen to children’s music as I’ve not come across anything to date which doesn’t put me off listening.  Cue bad nursery rhyme mixes and the like.  So when we were offered the chance to review Pop Goes the Name, I thought we might be on to something better.

Pop Goes Your Name has been launched by musicians Lucy and Richard Patterson who were inspired to create the album after starting their own family.  The project involved musicians, vocalists and designers in and around St Albans.  Hundreds of names are currently available on the CDs at the moment, and more are being gradually added.  I was surprised that N’s name was included but with around 800 names on the list, it’s worth checking for your children’s names.

Pop goes your name children's personalised CD

As soon as the CD arrived N wanted to put it on.  He’s taken over my old kitchen CD player and it gets moved between the kitchen and his bedroom according to time of day and his mood.  The opening track is a little irritating as it’s an introduction to the CD, but then the pop style kicks in.

The CD has 12 tracks on it, and the variety is really good.  There’s songs of different speed and beat, some with a country & western feel, others with hiphop, pop and rock sounds.  It’s definitely a good way to introduce your children to different genres, while not being annoying to listen to as an adult.  As well as children being able to hear their own name being sung, the tunes and lyrics are really catchy, and N’s picked up some of the songs’ phrases really quickly.

N’s been using it as early morning background music while he plays games on my tablet, and just generally to dance around to.

The other day, he asked for it on during tea time.  Now, the OH isn’t keen on having music on while eating, but it obviously wasn’t too annoying to him as it was played during their whole meal.  I think N’s going to be playing this CD for a while as he really seems to enjoy it.  We’ve had some interesting dancing going on as it plays, including standing on his seat at tea to dance.  I now just need to stop him trying to take it with him to nursery and getting it wrecked.

I like the fact that the CD’s a neutral colour design as well.  No splitting it and creating blue and pink, just the one nice green colour for all children.  The website’s also set up the same way, so you just search for the name

In the car we tend to have my choice of tracks on – usually radio, or for longer journeys an ipod collection.  But this CD is definitely one that could be played on car journeys and not annoy the rest of the family.

What’s your child(ren)’s favourite music?


Disclosure: We received a personalised CD to review.  All opinions and words are my own.

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