Review: John Frieda® Full Repair™

After having wonderfully soft and less greasy hair during pregnancy, it’s always a bit of a shock to have to go back to having similar hair or worse than pre-pregnancy.  Mine’s a bit straggly, and never seems to do what I want it to, and I found it a bit dry on top recently for a week or so.

I’m always a bit of a mix-up girl when it comes to buying shampoo – I’ve got my favourites and rotate them, and hopefully try to avoid the OH using too much of my more expensive ones.  John Frieda brunette range is usually in my rotation, but I’d been sent samples of John Frieda® Full Repair™ shampoo and conditioner to try out.

I usually avoid repair type products, as I don’t really suffer split ends, and although I dye my hair sporadically, I don’t find my hair is usually dry which is what most repair or colour hair ranges cater for.  But what’s great about this range is that it’s for fine to medium hair, is fine for everyday use, and is good for coloured hair.  It’s also good for volume…just what I need.

I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner for the last week.  They smell lovely, the packaging looks nice (although leaving them in the shower does mean lots of water getting in the lids which irritates me) and you don’t need to use that much to get a decent lather.  After only a couple of days use I was finding my hair really soft, keeping smoother for longer even in the wind and rain, and someone at work even mentioned my hair was looking smoother.

My smooth soft hair 3 days in

At over a fiver each, to me that’s just too steep for an everyday shampoo and I would only buy on offer as I usually do when I’m after John Frieda products (ok, so I always buy on offer for shampoo!), but it’s definitely a range I’d like to keep using.  I might be heading off to check out the round pound £4 deal in Tesco until 6th November or the 3 for 2 event starting on the 7th.


I received my samples as part of the Bzz Agent campaign, but all views and the choice to do a review is my own.

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