Thought for the day: Loos

Ok so it’s to do with parenting in a very round about way, but what is it with loos (or toilets, whichever you prefer)? Is it only me that dreads going into a public toilet cubicle where the lids down (I always wonder what the previous user has left behind)?  But then at home I dread the reverse – finding the toilet lid up in the morning indicates that the OH hasn’t flushed, having gone out to work at 5am thinking it’s better not to wake anyone.

It does wind me up the whole “men leaving the toilet seats up”.  I think my mum trained my brother very well as he was the only male in the house, so putting the seat and lid down was the norm.  And I want to make sure N learns to put the lid down once he’s using the toilet, but having a father who always leaves it up isn’t really helpful to teaching that.

What’s amusing is that the OH won’t let N into the bathroom with him (unless it’s shower time), because the one time he did, N wanted to put his hand into the toilet bowl! Not helpful when you’re having a pee.  But that doesn’t seem to translate into making sure the lid is down and /or the bathroom door is shut.

Thankfully N doesn’t seem that interested in the toilets unless there’s someone going in there, so at the moment he’s not into trying to clean the loos, permanently flushing the toilets or running the taps, but I think we need to start training him now in what’s proper etiquette.

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