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Why I Blog: An Introduction … and … A Reminder to Myself to Keep at It

G’day UK!

I’m Francesca and the lovely Emma has allowed me to pop over for a visit here on her blog as part of International Blog Swap Day, a joint initiative of Tots100 (UK) and Digital Parents (Aus). I’ve never been to the UK, so this is a nice way for me to travel vicariously through my blog!

I’m an Australian married mum of three daughters, aged 7, 4 and 2. I’m in my thirties, work part-time in a corporate setting and blog for fun. I also just wrote a novel called Returning (cue shameless self-promotion). You can find out more about it at my author website if you’re interested: (end shameless self-promotion).

Blogging is an interesting caper. Sometimes it’s easy to put blogs into a box and in most of these cases, this is the intention of the blogger – to have a “niche”: craft blogger, food & lifestyle blogger, “professional” blogger.

Me, I’m a bit different.

Francesca Writes Here

Francesca Writes Here is a personal blog about anything and everything that takes my fancy. My little plot of internet land is cultivated by my interests. How many interests? Oh, let me count the ways!

  1. Wife to an awesome Hubby
  2. Stay-at-home mum (partly)
  3. Working mum (partly)
  4. Mum of a toddler
  5. Mum of a pre-schooler
  6. Mum of a school-aged child
  7. Writer
  8. Builder of dream home (I’m not actually building it – just, you know, paying someone to do it!)
  9. Australian of Italian descent who tries to teach her children (sporadically) her mother’s beautiful language)
  10. Playgroup co-ordinator
  11. Book club member
  12. Eater of chocolate
  13. Reader of books
  14. Occasional knitter
  15. Eurovision tragic

Being a creature of habit, when I get out of the habit of blogging, I tend to be at a loss for what to write. There have been a few breaks in my bloggy “career”! Maybe all I need to do is cast my eye over that list from time to time in order to get the ideas flowing. I’m not a professional blogger with brands bending over backwards to catch my attention, nor am I a parenting / craft / cooking / [insert-any-other-blog-category-you-can-think-up] “expert”. I’m me. And that’s more than enough!

Pleased to meet you.

Thanks Francesca.  Do pop over to Francesca’s blog to read more about what she gets up to.  You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  You can find the other blogs taking part in the swap at tots100.

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  1. Hello Francesca! What an awesome thing to do.. great way to learn about other bloggers this way.. no one ever ask me to do this nor have i.. didnt know there was a day for this! You have some great interests as well 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie, thanks for stopping by. It’s been great fun, and organised by Tots100 in the UK and Digital Parents in Australia.

    1. I loved that too. Great to have a blogger state where they don’t fit, and how they’re just letting themselves be. That’s what blogging should be about.

  2. The blog swap seems like such a fun idea! Do you just find a friend to swap with, or is there some blog hop organizing thing you sign up for?

  3. Wow! So many great interests! I love chocolate too! I haven’t heard of International Blog Swap Day, but it sounds fun. Might try it next year.

  4. Never heard of blog swap before. That sounds like fun. Great job on the novel too!

  5. Blogging is an enjoyable thing when you love to blog. Especially when you know your designated topics. and when they read your blogs and give comments to it

  6. I’m a new blogger, but like you I already have writers block. I knew when I started what I was going to do with my blog and now I’m all over the place with ideas. Things aren’t turning out as planned and I what I thought was going to be my niche is turning into a bunch of other ideas. I really don’t know where to go with it either. I guess just write what feel good at the time. Good Luck!!

    1. Definitely just go with the flow. Lots of people feel pressured to be one thing, but actually variety can be good and keep you interested. We all evolve and so do blogs. Thanks for stopping by

  7. I’ve never heard of a Blogswap before. It sounds really fun. It would be interesting to participate in one.

    1. Think this is the first I’ve seen with UK/Australian bloggers. I’ve signed up to some US Christmas virtual swaps – although I can’t say I got anything back from my swaps in terms of thanks, or the posts going live at the right times etc. The success definitely depends on the organisation and the people taking part doing what they’re asked to.

    2. Hi Amanda. This is the first one I’ve participated in. Thanks to Emma and the support from Tots100 and Digital Parents, I call it a success!

  8. Blog swap is a lovely idea 🙂 I thinkost of us aren’t experts, but blogging gives us the opportunity to try and learn new things x

    1. Totally agree on the opportunities. I’ve definitely increased my knowledge of the internet workings, seo, websites, content, social media and marketing – all of which are transferable skills to any company I work for or in other jobs I do.

  9. I love the phrase “I am me” I actually say that a lot. ty for the reminder.

    1. I’m loving this Sara, finding the new blogs (even amongst the UK as well as the Aussie ones). It’s been great to take part in

  10. I don’t really blog everyday I run out of things to write about.

  11. It can be very hard to come up with new ideas for a blog but keep it up!

    1. I know this too Rena. I have a list that I had post ideas to, but they come in blocks…some times I have way too many, other times I run low. But like to have ideas on the go all the time

  12. Hey Francesca, First of all Congratulations for your novel. I can realize the level of excitement you must be going through these days. Good luck. Cheers!

  13. You’re pretty interesting so I know you would have a large pool of readers waiting for your next post!

  14. Oh wow! Congrats on the novel, Francesca. And thanks heaps Emma for hosting.=)

    1. No worries Brenda. It’s been great fun, and good to talk to another blogger across the world. I’m hoping to find lots more bloggers to read to add to my feed. Thanks for organising.

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