#365 300 picture books

300 Picture book challenge week 18

We’re now on week 18 of our picture book challenge, and yet again, I felt like we’ve not read much this week.  So, much more outdoor play, and the only reading we’ve done has been just before bed.  No snuggling up on the sofa reading.

This week had a couple of new books that we were sent to review, one via our Parragon Book Buddy link, and the other via our Fairytales in the forest post.  Reviews will be on the way.  We’ve also been spotting more Maisy books in the library, so she’s been featuring this week.

#300pbs 300 picture books

  • Books this week – 13
  • Books to date – 270 (90%)

300 picture books

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  1. I agree, 13 books is great! We’ve managed 8 this week – tends to depend on whether or not we get to the library as we’ve gone through pretty much everything we had in the house now! My little one also loves the Maisy books.

    1. I know what you mean. If we don’t go on a Saturday and I have to go on a lunchtime, it skews how many books we can get through. The Works just doesn’t really cut it on the whole, and our charity shops don’t have many kids books on the whole.

  2. Wow, I think you are doing fantastic. We’ve read 13 over the past 3 weeks.

    1. We go through phases, depending on how tired N is before bed. The last couple of days we’ve read nothing as he’s been so tired, he’s gone straight to bed and not wanted a story. Other days, it’ll be 3+

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