I think most parents remember fondly the books of Roald Dahl, and hope that their children will be interested in them when they’re old enough.  I know my brother and I used to love The Twits, James and the Giant Peach, and George’s Marvellous Medicine amongst others. 

In celebration of the Roald Dahl Charity Singalong Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I’m also able to bring you a competition to win a book bundle of Roald Dahl books.  I quite fancied keeping them hidden away in readiness of N being old enough, but nope, I’m definitely giving them away to one of my readers.

The bundle includes:

  • The Enormous Crocodile
  • Going Solo
  • Esio Trot
  • Matilda
  • Marvellous joke book
  • Roald Dahl’s incredible chocolate box
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory: a play

Roald Dahl book giveaway competition

You can enter by answering a simple question, then going back to click the enter button on the rafflecopter widget.  You can then enter as many or as few additional options as you want.

Rules (yes sorry, there are rules):

    1. UK entries only
    2. There is one prize
    3. Entries will be checked against the entry method
    4. One winner will be drawn via rafflecopter, visible on this blog post, and will be notified by email (and other methods if available).
    5. The winner has 2 weeks to respond with the address they would like the prize sent to.
    6. The prize will be sent out within 7 days of receipt of address.
    7. Closing date: 6th Jul 2014, 11.59pm
    8. Entry into the competition will be deemed as accepting of these T&Cs

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided a book bundle to giveaway on my blog.



    I’m currently reading ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ to my 3yr old son!,He may not fully understand it yet… but he gets the bits about the sweeties :))… Brilliant book

  2. Naomi Buchan

    The Twits – they were so horrible to each other x

  3. Caroline Anne Bellamy

    I LOVED Matilda growing up, but they’re all fab

  4. Jamie Berwick

    James and the Giant Peach – I always pretended to be James. My daughter will play Silkworm in a local drama group performance next month!

  5. james rowlands

    Has to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  6. shirley harpley

    Fantastic Mr Fox is an absolute favourite of mine.

  7. Kim Manson

    I loved the BFG when I was little and it’s still a firm favourite in our house with the kids 🙂

  8. Helen Spillett

    Has to be Charlie and the chocolate factory for me and now my children. A river of chocolate that’s everyones dream, isn’t it?

  9. Angela Wheeler

    My older boys favourite was James, my little ones are just coming to the age where they would like these stories x

  10. Sarah Lewis

    I always loved James and the Giant Peach.

  11. Deborah Bird

    Matilda! 🙂
    and I absolutely love the film even now!

  12. Nicola Unsworth

    My favourite was probably Matilda 🙂

  13. Kerry Locke

    As a child I love James and the Giant Peach … loved the evilness of Aunt sponge and Aunt Spiker.

  14. Caroline S

    So many ‘favourites’ – I was really Roald Dahl obsessed as a child – but best of all was Matilda, I think.

  15. Jamie Walker

    Charlie and the chocolate factory 🙂

  16. Kelly Hooper

    George’s marvelous medicine was my favourite as I just loved the idea of chucking loads of random items in a pot and making a mixture that would shrink my nan 😀

  17. Claire Wilkinson

    my fav was georges marvellous medicine

  18. Samantha Freeman

    My favourite was James and the Giant Peach and my son’s favourite is Fantastic Mr Fox

  19. Wendy Tolhurst

    Love them all but my absolute favourite is James and the Giant Peach!

  20. Has to be George’s Marvellous Medicine. Used to try to make potions after reading that with toothpaste etc.

  21. Has to be George’s Marvellous Medicine. Used to try to make potions after reading that with toothpaste etc.

  22. Susan Williams

    The BFG. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry. It is such a wonderful book that can be read on so many different levels. Not just for children to enjoy but for the delight of adult readers, also.

  23. Michaela Devenport

    George’s marvellous medicine 🙂

  24. Christine E Andrews

    Which was your or your children’s favourite Roald Dahl book?

  25. James and the giant peach had to always be in easy reach


    All his books are brilliant, but my favourite is the witches; it was so much fun.

  27. Sandra Lane

    I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I also commented on your picture book challenge.


    I would have to say James and the giant peach

  29. Katarina Micallef

    I loved Esiotrot, I thought it was amazing when I was little! My children have only been read the bfg so far but I think they’ll love james and the giant peach more.

  30. Martine Henderson

    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was my favourite

  31. Louise Smith

    Commented on out & about in Oxfordshire

  32. Richard Randall

    Def Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  33. Laura Pritchard

    I loved Matilda & The Witches but my favourite Roald Dahl memory is my dad reading a line from George’s Marvellous Medicine ‘Her mouth was like a puckered up dog’s bottom’ accompanied by a great impression!

  34. Me and my son are reading the BFG at the minute 🙂

  35. The Witches. I loved reading it to children with all the accents.

  36. Nicola Biven

    I loved BFG, seemed like such a magical story of kindness and hope.

  37. Anthony Harrington

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

  38. Without a doubt – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Even reading it as an adult, it is such a magical story

  39. Without a doubt – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Even reading it as an adult, it is such a magical story

  40. Katie Evans

    I loved them all, but I think perhaps I liked The Witches the most. I have such very fond memories of reading them and hope that my daughter will like them when she’s old enough.

  41. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    Matilda was my childhood heroine 🙂

  42. Helen Grayson

    George’s Marvellous Medicine – but I skipped to the part where he started to make it! Best bit!

  43. Jo Richards

    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, used to love reading it

  44. Karina Barker

    My brother and I were born 10.5 months apart. About the only thing we agreed on as kids was a love of Roald Dahl. My favourite is George’s Marvellous Medicine – although whether it inspired me to create “potions” for my brother to drink, I couldn’t possibly say;)
    But I only got told off once, for using washing up liquid to make him an “extra frothy” milkshake…..

  45. dean willoughby

    It had to be The Twits. Bedtime ready we were both in fits of hysterics.

  46. Lisa Everaert

    My boys loved `The BFG`, every single night they would insist we read some together.

  47. Johan Ellermann

    Charlie and the chocolate factory without a doubt.

  48. Leanne Bell

    I loved the BFG. I was so envious of Sophie & her adventures in the story!

  49. Leanne Bell

    I loved the BFG. I was so envious of Sophie & her adventures in the story.

  50. I used to love “Danny Champion of the World” – read it so many times!

  51. Chloe Elphick

    Definitely Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


    I loved them all but my favourite was BOY.

  53. I remember reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in school in Canada many years ago…

  54. Cheryl Kean

    Mine is charlie and the chocolate factory, my kids is james and the giant peach x

  55. Liam Bishop

    Fantastic Mr Fox (followed closely by Esio Trot)

  56. Dianne Brewin

    The twits followed very closely by Matilda

  57. clair downham

    commented on My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday thankyou

  58. clair downham

    Charlie and the chocolate factory thankyou

  59. As a child I loved The BFG; now my favorite is his childhood autobiography, Boy.

  60. Not sure if I can choose! Agh, I’ll go with Charlie and the chocolate factory but love the Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

  61. brenda heads

    James and the giant peach was always my favourite

  62. Angela Wilcox

    Hard to choose! I’ll go for The Twits

  63. Ashleigh Allan

    I have commented on Picture book challenge 2014

  64. Tracy Nixon

    My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday -commented

  65. Tracy Nixon

    OMG I loved them al!!!! So hard to choose but I will say The BFG! Ahhhhhh always remember that big jumbly giant and his snozcumbers!

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