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The Sleepy Train and 300 picture books week 23 – 24

Yay, we’ve hit the 300.  Let me check my numbers again….yes, done it.  I had a panic that I might have forgotten to take last week’s photos, and yes, books went back to the library without a note taken of number read and what they were, so we actually hit the 300 three weeks ago, but missed a week of counting the books.  Never mind, on to this and last week’s updates..

We’ve been adding quite a few to our stash recently.  A trip to the best charity shop for books (Katharine House Hospice) in our town, saw us pick up 9 books for a bargain £1.80.  I think they’d had quite a few people in, or not many people had brought books in for them to sell as there didn’t look like much choice.  But we did get some good books, including a couple which looked brand new.

Project 365 week 22 and 23 Project 365 week 22 and 23 part 2

For the latest Parragon Book Buddy read, we were sent The Sleepy Train by Mark Marshall.

N’s always has a bit of a hoon around just before bed thanks to the excitement of having his dad back in (when his dad’s working late and it’s just me doing bedtime, he’s never that high on life, but add the OH to the mix, and it’s chaos).  So it’s great to have calming books with gentle plot as bedtime stories.  The Sleepy Train is definitely that type of book.

Trains always go down well with N, and the book picks up various animals at the stations all around the world.  Bizarrely all dressed in nightware.  But it all makes sense as the train lulls the animals to sleep as the story winds on and reaches its end.  If you have a child who falls asleep to stories, it could be a really poignant moment looking down and finding a sleeping child at the same time as finishing the story.  Doesn’t happen in our house as usually I’m asked for more stories!

Wonderfully illustrated as usual for Parragon books, the words flow smoothly.  N enjoyed pointing out the animals – some he wasn’t sure about, so it’s a good book for learning more unusual animals.  I can see this book being one that he asks to read often.

The Sleepy Train is available from Amazon

The latest week, we had an early couple of days where N’s been really tired and has said ‘no books mummy’ before getting into bed and just flaking out.  The sunny weather’s great, but him being on the go all day, does make him so tired.

The lack of reading meant we’ve still not got through all the charity shop books we bought, or all of his library the one week. We’re getting back into the reading again though, and he’s also spending quite a lot of time as nursery looking at books on his own too.

300 picture books #300pbs

Our 300 picture book stats:

  • Read week 23-24: 30
  • Read this year: 318 – Hooray!!!!

300 picture books


Disclosure: We were sent The Sleepy Train to review as a Parragon Book Buddy.

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  1. We only have few books in the house that I rotate. We are keen reader but not a keen book buyer or borrower. Luckily my mother in law loves to spoil my son with books. So nice to see that you & your son had read so much! Inspiring. #sharewithme

    1. Always good when you get new books, but I think second had books are also just as good – plus you get more for your money. I find N gets more interested in the books when he chooses them too

  2. I love charity shops and I am always giving back to them when I am done too. Circulating it all! lol These look fantastic we have alot of these and Buba and MM love them. What a fantastic reading roundup. Thank you so much for linking to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    1. We now have no book shelf space though, so I’m going to have to clear out and just keep the one we will continue reading. We’ve got books coming from every direction at the moment.

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