300 picture books week 17 – random book finds

I had my first message ever from a library this week, reminding me of an upcoming due book.  Anyone else feel really guilty if this happens?  I think they were a little premature, as I was taking N’s library books back the day after I’d received the message anyway, and they weren’t due for almost a week.

If we don’t make it to the library on a Saturday, then I swap books for him during the week.  In the past, he’s been more receptive to new books if he’s chosen them (even though he just grabs like a crazed sales shopper!), but this week, he’s just wanted lots of books.  Animals tend to go down well, as does anything Thomas the Tank Engine or farming.

Our charity shops seem a bit lacking recently, so we’ll definitely have to get to some car boot sales early to track down some good books.  I was astounded today to see one of our charity shops selling picture books (obviously used, not in a particular amazing condition) for £1.50-£1.99.  I put them straight back, as I can get brand new books for that kind of price on multideal in The Works.  I don’t mind if they’re used, but still in a good condition, but when there’s another charity shop with more choice, selling children’s books for 20p each (a total bargain – they really could put their prices up a little bit), it seems a bit odd.

Anyway, as usual a random mix this week.  We did have a few Julia Donaldson books thrown in this week, especially The Gruffalo which N can narrate along with me as I read, which is lovely.

We’ve got a couple of other book posts coming up this week, so do keep a watch out for those (hint, one’s a picture book giveaway!).

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Stats for the week:

  • This week’s books – 14
  • Picture books to date – 257 (85.6%)

300 picture books

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