project #365 week 17 photo a day

Project 365 – photos for week 17

project #365 week 17 photo a day

I’ve only got 6 photos this week, as I’ve not downloaded my pictures from Saturday, so I’ll add that to next week’s round up.

* Sunday and it had to involve an Easter egg for Easter Sunday.  N doesn’t really have much chocolate, but just with this one egg (plus 3 Galaxy bars) from his uncle.  It wasn’t until we pointed out that the egg was all chocolate, that he started grinning away.

* Monday we had our usual family Easter meal over at the farm, and beforehand some of the children wanted to play on the trampoline.  I love that there’s just boots strewn at the bottom – definite sign of fun.

* Tuesday saw N being sent home from nursery for 2 dubious poos.  Thankfully we realised that it was probably some cream he’d had the day before (naughty Daddy for not scraping off the cream as requested by me at the other end of the table – anyone else got a child with an intolerance and a partner who doesn’t believe in them.  Grrr).  Despite not having had regular naps since before Christmas, N had long naps each day of the Easter weekend and also on coming home from nursery on Tuesday.

* Wednesday, we tried out our bargain ‘hoses and ladders’ game that we’d got from a car boot sale over the weekend.  N got bored after reaching the second level.  I think his attention span and concentration still leaves a lot to be desired, as he just wanted to drive the counters up and down the board.

* Thursday, was a busy day at work.  Strangely we have offices 5 minutes walk from each other, and I had a few meetings up at the other office.  I couldn’t believe the traffic through the main road in town.  It’s definitely a sign of school holidays being over and everyone being back at work.  Traffic queuing through the town, and they want to add more houses and a big out of town retail park right near where there’s already nightmare traffic in particular at peak times. By all means add those, but they really should think about an additional slip road off/on to the motor from that end of town to try and ease some of the traffic.

* Friday and inbetween nursery school and a doctor’s visit, N decided to tip loads of toys out, and try writing using his etch-a-sketch type ‘pen’.  He got very puzzled, not understanding why there wasn’t any ink coming out.  And of course, the optimum position for learning to write had to be sitting on his tractor.

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    1. He was, once he’d realised what it actually was. He hasn’t really touched his easter chocolate though. It’s going to be hanging around for a while

  1. We have that game, Monkey was exactly the same with it at N’s age, only now just starting to play with it properly. Having worked and lived where you work I know how bad that traffic can be. I could add on 15 minutes just trying to get from one side of town to the other if the traffic lights weren’t playing fair too!

    1. The game was really annoying his 5yo cousin today. I think he’s getting more annoyed with N’s immaturity where he’s getting ‘older’ now he’s at school. He gets annoyed that N won’t sit and play a game all the way through.

      Town is mad- when you’ve got a choice of different ways, it’s pot luck as to what the traffic’s like. Although yours must have got a lot busier with all the new building etc. I know driving through used to drive me mad in the evenings going to dancing.

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