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Hair today, gone tomorrow – changing hairdressers

Going to the hairdressers has always been something I’ve enjoyed.  Of course, you have to find a hairdresser you like in the first place, and whenever you’re new somewhere, it’s always hard to find that perfect salon.

After 3 false starts, I found the hairdresser I’d been going to for the last 12 or 13 years.  They were lovely, 2 sisters who had a nice salon with friendly staff.  The bonus was that both cut my hair well, so I could go to whichever one was working and free on the date I could make.  They’d also given up their salon and worked out of a salon in one of their houses which made it a lot easier to get to, being out of town.

But I had a fringe cut in.  7 years ago.  This was fine, and was never a problem until the last year, and I couldn’t work out why neither of them seemed to cut my fringe to my liking.   Very odd and annoying.  I’d get home and then perfect my fringe trimming skills, by chopping a bit more off.

A few months ago before my last appointment, I’d noticed a friend’s daughter had just had a beautiful haircut, and asked where they went.  One salon and hairdresser recommendation later, a huge debate with myself as to whether I really wanted to try someone new, and I had an appointment booked at a different hairdressers.  Scary.

I felt like a real traitor to my old hairdressers.  What if I had to go back there after a terrible haircut?  What if I bumped into them elsewhere and had to explain why I’d changed hairdresser?

It was really nerve-racking going to the new salon.  Or just any salon as I’d not been in one (other than the barber’s for N) for years.  It was great to be able to nosy at more than one other person having their haircut, but having full length mirrors wasn’t flattering at all.  In fact, quite off-putting.  Then there’s all the things that you love or hate that you’ve managed with your old hairdresser over the years:

  • The fact you hate having your head massaged
  • The fact the hairdresser knows nothing about you so small talk’s hard
  • The fact that you have no idea what the hairdresser is going to be like.  Mine turned out to have totally mad ratty back combed hair (I can just about live with a bad haircut, as I’d hope she cuts better than her hairdresser!), tattoos up her arms (I’m not a fan), slightly gothy make up, and a sheer long over-shirt worn as a jacket which appeared to be inside out.
fringe cut
Bad pic…nice fringe!

Thankfully she was really clear about what she was doing with my hair, and cut confidently.  I did have a panic when she cut a lot more into a fringe, and it looked rough before she straightened it.  Thankfully once straightened, it looked great, and since then I’ve been able to style it fine.

So, despite the over chatty (about his own holidays, his girlfriend and parents) junior who washed my hair, the madly ‘styled’ hairdresser and awful mirrors, I can overcome these to return…who can say no to a 50% off haircut thanks to it being a referral, a loyalty card, and a haircut I like.

Have you gone through changing hairdresser?  What made you change?  Did you have any awful experiences trying out hairdressers to find the right one for you?

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  1. I’ve had the same hairdresser since I was 13 she was in a salon then but went mobile so comes to my house to cut it (so much easier with kids!) she also doesn’t mind that I only now have my hair done like twice a year or that I have a go at my own inbetween lol I love that it is so much cheaper getting it done at home so don’t think I would go elsewhere any time soon!

    1. That’s definitely the perfect option if you can get it. I remember when we were children, having someone come round and cut our hair in the kitchen. And so much cheaper.

  2. Barbers hate me. I can go for 5-6 months in between haircuts. but of course, a good dye job has to be included to hide the grey.

  3. I get a haircut once a year.. and i just go to whoever.. to get a few inches cut off.. simple.. I’ve never really been picky about hairdressers.. Though when we live in MD, we went to the same place for like 4 years, they were so awesome, so it’s sad since we left them..

    1. Sometimes I wish I could have a long simple hairdo. But unfortunately my hair looks terrible once it gets past a certain length, and the shorter it is, the better a hair cut you need/more frequent. Definitely need someone you can trust when you have a fringe too

  4. Hey Emma,

    I’ve been with the same hairdresser for over 30 years now. I lived in another town growing up and in my adulthood I found a guy I really liked that cut my hair. But when he wasn’t available a friend of mine recommended one in Houston where I worked so I was using her but not on a regular basis.

    Once I moved to Houston I decided to stick with just her and not drive back and forth. I do have to make my appointments three months in advance though because she’s always booked but if I had to cancel and she couldn’t reschedule me she would come in on her day off or stay really late one night just to fit me in. Now that’s great service plus I love her.

    But, shortly after my Dad passed away I wanted a different style and she really didn’t know what to suggest so I told her that a friend had recommended this hairdresser close to my house so I let her know I was going to go and check him out. She was perfectly fine with it and he did a wonderful job on my hair but he was about $50 more expensive then she was so no way was I going back. What I did though was immediately leave his place and I went to hers so she could see how he cut my hair and she’s been doing it like that ever since. Tada!

    Glad you found a good one because I would hate to have to start all over now.


    1. Hi Adrienne.
      That really is great service. My mum experienced great service from her hairdresser who came out to her especially, when she was losing her hair from her chemo. She neatened it off for her, and was really supportive giving her guidance. A good hairdresser really can help confidence. My Mother in law and sister in law, also travel some way for their hairdresser who they’ve been going to for years.

      It’s a great idea to go back after with a new haircut straight away to show them. I guess hairdressers always need to stay on top of their game to avoid losing clients.

      Thanks for commenting

  5. I am Glad to find an amazing hairdresser. I would never want to change it… she knows my hairs so well 🙂

    1. That’s the thing, isn’t it. You get reliant on one once you’ve found a good one, then pray that circumstances don’t change.

  6. I have never enjoyed switching hairdressers! Now that I have dreads it’s even more impossible to find one!

    1. I can only believe it. Anything other than a bog standard hair style, is bound to cause more nightmares trying to find someone more specialist

  7. I can’t remember going to the same hairdresser twice. I’m never quite happy with my cut and am always striving for the perfect cut from the perfect hairdresser, I think I’m fussy!

    1. That’s what would be perfect. My SIL’s sister is a hairdresser and she comes over to do all the blokes on the farms/kids hair. But she’s pretty unreliable, so I’d never rely on her to do mine.

  8. I have been going to the same guy for years.. although its not hard to cut my hair..

  9. I hate changing hair dressers! I just found one about a year ago and I hope to have her forever. I am very self conscious because the medicine I am on makes me lose my hair, not all of it but enough to be embarassing, and she has helped me so much!

    1. You definitely want a hairdresser who can give tips and help. That’s exactly what they’re there for. So glad you’ve found a good one.

  10. Sometimes it’s good for a little change! It sounds like you gave them a few opportunities to make you happy. In a profession like that, if you can’t keep the customer happy, you’ll lose business, and I’m sure they understand that.

    1. It’s definitely a case of giving them pointers. You assume you have to with new hairdressers, but with older ones you forget to talk to them as much and I suppose they can get complacent.

  11. Finding a hairdresser to suit me has always been hard for me until I found the best and stuck with him for ages. Then I moved and started cutting my own hair, which is even better. Now I’m not dependent on someone else to give me a haircut. What is more, I stopped using toxic commercial shampoo and wash my hair only with natural ingredients.

    1. I tried reducing my shampoo/conditioner, but I ended up having to use so much dry shampoo to make it look appropriate/not a mess, that even after a few months, I gave up.
      I think if you’ve got longer hair you can cope with cutting it yourself (although how do you do the back?!), a fringe trim is fine for me to do, but I’d not do anything else. My arms just aren’t long enough

  12. It’s nerve wracking but also quite exciting to have a fresh approach. I’m lucky in that i am able to swap and change stylists at the salon I go to and no-one minds a bit as they are all really good friends and everyone tends to have group conversations anyway. It means they all know how I like my hair but can each put their own personal touch to it.

    1. That’s what I used to like about my old hairdressers, was that there were 2 of them I could have cut my hair depending on who was available on the day I wanted.

  13. I hate changing hairdressers it is a very scary move. Like you I have found a really good hairdresser that understands, which goes a long way x

  14. I find changing hairdressers quite stressful and went through a long phase of purely cutting my fringe myself and letting the rest grow! x

    1. Agree. Once you get the hang of a fringe, they’re not too hard to cut (well, mine isn’t because it’s a side one, rather than blunt straight one. Less margin for error on mine!)

  15. I moved recently, scarily just before my wedding, when my previous hair dresser a) cut my hair short at the back when I had explained I was growing it for the wedding as I wanted to wear it up and then b) sold me some v highly perfumed treatment which would (allegedly) make my hair look amazing – £12 later and a pot of cream which not only smelt awful, but brought me out in a rash too! …. New hairdressers seems much better thankfully!

    1. Oh crikey, that’s awful when it’s before such an important occasion. Relief there are always lots of hairdressers to choose from – it’s just hard to find that perfect one

  16. I think I’ve only changed a couple of times without it being because I moved house. Once was because my usual girl was leaving to start a family. When I moved last time the choice was easy, my brother married a hairdresser! 🙂

    1. Hairdressers leaving to have children, is quite often the reason for most changes I think. That’s why I ended up with 2 hairdressers previously as I could have one while the other was on mat leave etc.
      Handy having one in the family – my SIL’s sister cuts the men in the family’s hair – she’s just too unreliable in turning up regularly, hence why I take N to the barbers.

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