helping out and taking the recycling wheely bin to the farm gate

Project 365 2015 week 32 – outdoor play, farming and first prize

Whoop, I think I’m almost up to date with Project 365 again.  I’m still minus internet, although have scrabbled around a bit of a connection at the mother-in-law’s to get me online this evening for a major blitz.  I’m due (finally) for BT to fix everything by tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath.  Fingers crossed, because the satellite local rural broadband option that’s our only alternative has dropped again.  So not really an option.

Here’s this week’s Project 365, week 32.  Lots of outdoor play after nursery thanks to the continuing dry and warm  weather.

I hate having to think up puddings (I only usually cook at weekends due to nursery, work and then food being available at the farm), but I do try at least on one day.  On Sunday I decided to do a thrown together trifle.  N was really impressed although I did realise that I’d just made 3 the same size, rather than doing one a bit smaller.  He made a good stab at it, but had to give up with a little left.

diving into tifle

Monday was nursery as usual, but afterwards we both had a go on the trampoline.  N was impressed with my seated jumps and return to feet, but mostly he just spent his time bouncing manically, and laughing when he fell over!  Great fun.

trampolining fun

Tuesday we got in from nursery, and as usual this is what happened.  N seems to always want to eat.  I know summer is usually the time he has his growth spurt, but I hope his eating evens out once he’s past the spurt.  It’s never ending!

checking out the contents of the fridge

Wednesday we headed down to the farmyard after work because the OH was down there fixing the drill.  Farm vehicles do seem to break down a lot – ours aren’t generally really old, and I guess they are worked hard but even so, they spend a lot of time working on them, or getting people out to fix bits and pieces.  N wanted to have a sit on the tractor and next thing I knew he was giving me a tour and telling me all about them.

driving the tractor

On Thursday it was time to put the rubbish out.  I’ve just had to order yet another brown garden  (we never have any) and food waste wheely bin.  We can’t put out our kitchen caddies, so we have a slimline wheely bin (costing £15) with 1 or 2 small bags a fortnight in it.  Ridiculous.  The first (free) bin was used by the men for dog food, the second one (paid for) disappeared pretty much on the same day it was delivered.  So I’m hoping this one doesn’t disappear.  I’m going to keep it up near the house (which helps because there’s only room for the 3 big bins at the farm gate. Any more, and they’re in the way of vehicles coming in and out.  The only hassle is taking it down to the gate, what with remembering which week is recycling, and also because the drive is fairly long, and all gravel.

But N wanted to do it this week, and he did a great job.  I loved the photos though because it looked like it was actually inside the bin with just a head sticking out.

helping out and taking the recycling wheely bin to the farm gate

N is obsessed with ice pops this year.  At least I can let him have on for dessert if he doesn’t want yoghurt or fruit, and there’s nothing else available.  I caught this photo of him on Friday eating one.

enjoying an ice pop

Saturday was the day of a local village show.  I’ll be writing it up in due course, but at the last minute I entered some photos in a couple of the classes, and was pleased to get first place for my ‘single flower’ entry.  I was so chuffed, although gutted I didn’t get a placing with at least one of my portrait entries.  The prize money…a whopping £1.50.  And the kudos of being award winning!

first prize in the photography single flower class at Brailes Show

project 365

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  1. Hope your Internet is sorted. Big well done to N for helping with the bin! And congrats on getting a first for the flower photo, it is beautiful

    1. The trifle was delicious. I have to admit when I cut the top off the ice pops for N, I do grab a taste before handing over. They’re just how I remember, although possibly with less sugar in than in my childhood!

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