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Summer holiday fancy dress fun with George at Asda

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This summer is the last one where N hasn’t really got an official summer holiday.  He’s still at nursery through most of the holidays, but when George at Asda suggested he get some friends together to celebrate the summer holidays, we reckoned it was a great idea.

We were sent some fancy dress costumes to get the children in the party spirit.  N didn’t even bother waiting for his playdate I organised.  He decided that when his cousin came over to play that they had to get dressed up.  It did make me laugh watching Buzz Lightyear and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle standing watching superheroes on tv.

watching tv dressed as buzz lightyear and TMNT

I decided that we’d just have a playdate one morning.  It was really informal, and last minute work and family commitments meant we only had a few round, but the kids enjoyed it and for me, it was lovely to catch up with a few friends.

I’d decided to do a few snacks for elevenses.  Biscuits, strawberries, veg sticks and then some pastry pinwheels.  One pesto and one apple and cinnamon.  The pinwheels went down brilliantly with both adults and children, so they’re definitely something I’ll make in future when we’ve got friends over.

party snacks for a fancy dress playdate

With the weather being nice, we all headed outside.  So the children made the most of the slide and swings.  N doesn’t play much with them despite him wanting a set, and then my agony in getting the climbing frame built, but it’s really brilliant for when friends come to play because there’s so many options.

Rapunzel on a climbing frame

Once the children noticed the dressing up boxes, they headed straight for the newer sets of costumes.  N’s best friend from nursery was straight in opting for Buzz Lightyear, complete with wings and helmet.  A quick lap ‘flying’ round the garden and he and one of the TMNT were back driving the gator.

Buzz lightyear driving a gator
TMNT on the run

The girls opted to be Rapunzel and Tinkerbell (although don’t tell anyone that N did try on Rapunzel’s ‘hair’ earlier on in the day!).  There was no such stereotyping when it came to playing – Rapunzel was quite at home driving her little sister on the gator,

pushing the gator
Tinkerbell on a swing

And trying out the Ezyroller.  That always goes down well with the children, with most of the adults wanting to try it out as well (if only we were all under 10 stone!).

Rapunzel fancy dress outfit

The costumes didn’t last long – the warm weather, and them wanting to be a bit more boistrous on bikes and the trampoline.  Shame, I’d have loved a photo of Buzz and Tinkerbell bouncing away on the trampoline.

Buzz lightyear and a teenage mutant ninja turtle on a gator

The kids are always funny when they first get together, especially when there’s so few.  The boys have started getting a bit anti-girls when they’re together which is a shame, but a trampoline’s a great leveller, and before long they were comparing what each of them can do.

on the trampoline

A couple of hours and they were played out and it was time for home.  N was pleased that his best friend’s new baby brother was brought round to meet him although I do think he was still a little phased.  He refused to hold the baby…which is probably a good idea.  No point him getting ideas that babies are cute in case he starts asking me for a baby brother.

I’d never really thought about doing a fancy dress playdate.  It’s definitely a good theme to try out.  Next time I’d probably try and create a den, or leave out items for them to make their own den.  Then they could have their own world for the characters to play in.

Have you had a fancy dress playdate or party before?  What are the favourite characters your children like to dress up as?

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  1. Children love fancy dress I think it is always a popular option. We have three boxes of dressing up clothes in our borrow room at Coombe Mill and I often take them out for the children to use during activity hour. Looks like you’re ASDA costumes were a real hit and all the children enjoyed their dressing up. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. I was surprised they all got stuck in (except the little sister), but I guess it only takes one to be excited and then the rest follow. Was a lovely morning.

    1. N’s hit and miss with dressing up. So funny how they’re all different. Mind you, I hate it myself so I’m not surprised he doesn’t stay dressed in outfits for long. Thanks for commenting Claire

  2. Ha ha this looks great fun! I’ve just come home from my annual camping trip and the fun of a dressing up box never goes away! We have a dress up box there and there were a lot of people of all ages dressing up!x

    1. Wow, you’re a pro at camping then. It only takes one successful trip to get the bug I think. I’m hoping our mass trip will become an annual one.

  3. Those pinwheels look lovely! I think I’ll have to try making some and what awesome fancy dress outfits you were provided with #countrykids

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