orange flower

Project 365 2015 week 31

We’re still without broadband hence being very late with last week’s Project 365.  It’s week 31 and the year is rushing by. After a brilliant holiday week, it’s back to work and nursery so taking photos aren’t as interesting.

The weather’s still been ok so we’ve still had some outdoor play after nursery, but otherwise I’ve been scrabbling round for photos.

Onto week 31:

On Sunday we’d just got back from holiday.  I told N I didn’t want him bringing his cousin back to play – I just needed a rest day, not the pair of them being noisy, arguing and asking tonnes of questions.  Needless to say though, the OH brought them both back.  While they did get on well (and get the fancy dress out), I really find it draining having them here to play.  They did look funny in their get up though.

watching tv dressed as buzz lightyear and TMNT

Monday after work and nursery, my brother popped in.  He only lives a couple of miles away at the moment and it’s great to have him nearby.  N loves when he comes round because he plays all the silly games with him, and humours him with whatever N’s telling him.  Easy when you only hear it for an hour or so a week.  N was showing him his windfall apple collection in his gator.

picking windfall apples

Tuesday we spent some more time out in the garden after work.  I overdid the seed planting in the wall, but the overspill have flowered and are looking great.

orange flower

Wednesday saw the Lakeland catalogue arrive.  I love it, and now it’s gone all glam and incorporated everything, instead of (hopefully) not sending me duplicate copies of every catalogue available.  I’ve already folded the corner of the pages down for everything I’ve got my eye on.

new Lakeland catalogue

On Thursday it was another post nursery outdoor play.  Usually as soon as he’s out of the car, N wants to go and find his dad.  But with the weather being good, they’re out baling and harvesting so he’s often not in til after N’s in bed.  I love this photo, it almost looks like he’s walking on air.

bouncing galloping child

Friday afternoons I finish work early so I can pick N up at 3.  It’s great because it means we have the rest of the afternoon to do stuff.  I was heading out for a meal with the NCT girls in the evening, so I was doing a quick tea which meant I didn’t need to spend ages cooking.  Instead we headed outside.  N played, and I just mooched, lying on the grass and taking photos.  Of course the dog comes over.  She loves any attention and the tummy needed to be tickled.

sprawling relaxed labrador dog

I’ve ordered the top half of N’s new school uniform, and have trousers bought, but needed to buy shoes.  I didn’t want to leave it too late in case there weren’t any suitable that we liked in his size, so Saturday was the day.  Annoyingly every time we go to the shoe shop, N falls asleep on the way meaning he doesn’t really want to play ball when we arrive.  We found 2 possible pairs, which eventually with one of each pair on a foot, N told me which ones felt better.  Of course they were the expensive ones, but are dual sized so hopefully will last him longer than the slightly cheaper ones.

first pair of school shoes

What were you up to last week?

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