balloons and flowers in Banbury

Project 365 – photo a day week 41

This week’s project 365 has week 41 and a day, as I was missing last Saturday’s photo. It’s been a beachy week as we’ve been on our first family holiday since I was pregnant.  So expect lots of seaside day visit posts over the next week or so.

Saturday (week 40), we had to head over to my mum’s house (still trying to sell it, anyone want a nicely decorated, village 4 bedroom house, price having come down massively already!?) to see a potential new estate agent as the last one’s been pretty rubbish.  N loves playing my piano there.  I just want to make sure we get it moved to our house, then he can learn when he’s a bit older.

playing the piano

Sunday was our town’s Canal Day, and we made sure we were front of the queue for a canal boat ride. The canal always looks so pretty with balloons and flowers, along with the bunting on all the canal boats.

balloons and flowers in Banbury

Monday was the first day of our holiday.  We headed down to Swanage and when we arrived our cottage wasn’t quite ready, so we checked out the beach.  N’s like an old man, he likes sitting in the promenade shelters, watching everything.  Although here he was hanging over the wall trying to pick leaves and plant bits from it.

seeing the sea at Swanage

Tuesday was more of the same really.  Well, we got out and about, but I want to save my main photos for my holiday posts.  There were some amazing buildings in Swanage, some really quirky shapes, but the sun was creating some great contrasts behind the buildings.

St Marys church Swanage

Wednesday was my birthday. ย It was a little windswept as proven by my selfie on Chesil Beach.

birthday girl and bad windswept hair

Thursday, we had a lovely hour or so walking along one of the Studland beaches.  It was so windy and high tide, but everyone else walking seemed surprised at how high the water was…not much beach left in places.  I’m always on the look for gorgeous shells and this was resting just in the right place for a lovely photo.

seashell on the beach

Before heading home on Friday, we returned to the same beach at the request of N. Same time, same high tide, but less windy, and much lower water level.  I loved the way the seaweed was creating little ‘islands’ as the waves rolled round it.

seaweed and the sea

Saturday, and it was back to swimming again.  Afterwards, N always wants to walk down the steps, but this week he sat himself down.  I’m not sure what he was watching, but he was quite happily in his own little world.

relaxing after swimming

So a busy week that was really hard to choose which photos to use. ย This upcoming week will be back to trying to remember to take photos each day.

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  1. Can’t wait to try those beaches on our holiday next year! They look fab. Awe, sorry. Didn’t know it was your birthday Emma. Belated wishes x #365

    1. Thanks Sara. It was lovely to get away, and although I seem to have a lot of beach photos, I’m pleased with quite a lot of them I took

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