layering playdoh

Childhood creativity in an ‘uncreative’ family

I’ve never thought of myself as creative – as a grown up I’ve done card and jewellery making. My strength is an eye for colour and placement rather than innovation.

Having N, I try to encourage creativity. I want to see him enjoying his childhood creativity, and to continue for as long as possible.  His imagination is brilliant. Although he’s still not that interested in traditional arts and crafts, he makes up songs and stories.

N loves playdoh.  Initially he wanted me to make sausages, so he could practice his knife skills, but now he’s more adventurous and making his own creations without my help.

making playdoh biscuits

Now we get biscuits and lots of other foods made, then served on real plates. Really he’s generally just obsessed with food, so it’s bound to be part of play.

layering playdoh

We’ve also had colour layering for sandwiches.  Usually if colours get mixed, they get seriously mixed (murky brown), but N was very careful to still keep the ‘cheese’ separate.

While playdoh is annoying in so many ways for parents – the smell, the little bits ending up all over the floor and seats, the hideous mixed colours – it’s a great material for creative play:

1. Independent thinking (and doing)

Once he’s engrossed, N’s much more willing to discover his own way of doing things rather than relying on an adult to tell him how to play.

2. Improved verbal skills

N always commentates as he plays. N asks questions, and more conversation makes a better vocabulary and understanding.

3. Improved fine motor skills

N’s knife skills mostly come from playdoh play; the increased dexterity and practice with small tools helps in readiness for learning to write.

N always seems happiest when he’s making stories around his play, whether with or without toys.

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  1. Playdough is such a good activity to inspire creativity, imagination and just pure fun! It looks like he’s engrossed in that play dough there.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. I have to admit I really hate playdoh so it rarely gets an outing at our house. It isn’t the mess so much as the fact that the girls eat it, and what isn’t consumed gets all slimy and horrible – maybe one day all they’ll want to do is tred it into the carpet!!

  3. Love the smell but really dont like it stuck in the carpet and my shoes. But I am trying to compromise. He can play with his playdoh as long as the floor is covered =) #letkidsbekids

  4. My kids love to play “cafes” and ” pretend picnics” with our play dough as well. It s such a versatile material and they don t seem to mind when all the colours get mixed together but it does bug me! #letkidsbekids

    1. I think it’s something all parents hate. But yes, N’s the same. Doesn’t on the whole bother him. I guess you can talk about colour mixing. We have a murky green from him combining yellow and blue!

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